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cielu, xivl. p". i:iS4, Oclober. 1001. •' Hard)', Prociidinga of the lioi/al Sociely, London, Ixvl. p IIB, 1000. 158 BERG: PROPERTIES OP Best Acai Berry Product IONS. molecules nearer the centre. The surface of the liquid is in this way caused to contract to a mini- mum and exert a pressure on the interior. There Acai Berry Free Trial Uk seems to be a force called surface tension acting on the surface of a liquid, causing the surface to act like a thin, tight membrane, which tends to contract. The magnitude of this force acting on any Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best For Weight Loss liquid surface depends, not alone upon the nature of What Is The Best Acai Berry Product the liquid, but also upon the nature of the surrounding medium. The surface tension of a liquid in con- tact with air differs from the surface tension of the same liquid in contact with another gas or with an- other liquid. The surface tension between two media varies with the nature of the media, their temperature and the potential difference between them. Super Acai Berry 1200 Helmholtz''^ has shown that this force is greatest when the potential diiTerence is zero. Hardy"" has observed that the potential difiference between colloidal particles in suspension and the 100 Pure Acai Berry Capsules surrounding medium (water) can be altered by the addition of an electrolyte, and that colloidal suspen- sions are most easily precipitated when this poten- tial difference is zero. From these observations by Helmholtz and Hardy, Bredig" concludes that the precipitation Top Rated Acai Berry Products is due to a capillary electric surface diminution. The Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best surface of a colloidal particle is charged ; the water surface in contact with the particle is oppo- sitely charged ; there is a difference of potential. This charged layer at the surface of contact of two media is called a Helmholtz double layer. The sur- face tension between the water and colloid is in- creased when this potential difference is decreased. According to Bredig's theory, when an electrolyte is added to a colloidal solution or suspension, the charge on the surface of a particle is neutralized by an opposite Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam charge on one of the ions ; the charge in the water surrounding the particle is neutralized by the other ions; ^he potential difference be- tween colloid and water is thus diminished, and the surface tension on the colloidal par- ticles is increased, these contract, Try Acai Berry Free and flocculation follows. According to Billitzer,'*'* the larger charges on the ions attract several colloidal particles which carry smaller charges, until the ionic charge is neu- tralized. In the meantime, the aggregate has reached the critical magnitude, and gravity causes sedimentation. Billitzer"" offers the following objections to Bre- dig's theory : The addition of a nonelectrolyte may largely affect the potential difiference, while in some cases addition of an electrolyte is without efifect. Very often electrolytes cause coagulation, without the change in potential difiference ; sometimes this is increased. The correctness of Hclmholtz's deduc- tion that maximum surface tension is exactly coin- cident with zero potential Acai Berry Seeds For Sale difiference is questioned by Nernst and other investigators." According to 4 Week Acai Berry Diet « HclnilK.ltz. Itrrthi'T \fnnntiihrriclite, p. 045. Novomber ."!, 1881; \ViiiKr:nH(hiiim. «'■ Hli;ilzPurchase Acai Berry Power 500 Wlicihnjii. Thir.rii (if S',hilirin. p. 284, Cambridge: 1002; Van I.iiiir, ZillMilitiH fiir iili'i'lkiiliHrhc aiirmli, xll. Acai Berry Trees For Sale p. ''08, 1002; .Smith, riill'iM'iiihhal TniiiKiirHonn. cxcUI. A. p. 47. 1000. Billitzcr, it is doubtful whether the difiference of potential between a colloidal particle What Is The Best Acai Berry Product For Weight Loss and the sur- rounding medium is due to an electrical double layer ;"'* the electrical double layer Natural Acai Berry Diet theory is an un- necessary one, and the observed phenomena can be otherwise explained. Other objections to Bredig's theory of a too technical character to Acai Berry Scams Uk be mentioned here are to be found in the original paper Acai Berry Thin Uk by Billit- zer. Quincke,"" after a long series of Buy Acai Berry Power 500 investigations on the surface tension between colloids and their surrounding media, finds Bredig's theory unaccep-

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