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loidal platinum is mentioned by Billitzer.' ' Colloidal suspensions of gold, of great purity, and practically free from electrolytes, have been prepared by Whit- ney and Blake.'** As to the location of the charges, " — since the particles (gold) are negatively charged, chlorine ions are probably directly attached to them, while hydrogen ions remain in the neighborhood to maintain the electrical neutrality of the solution. '" (The particles referred to were prepared by the reduction of gold chloride.) Hardy*" has observed that an albumin suspension migrates with the current toward the cathode in an acid liquid, and against the current toward the anode in an alkaline liquid. It seems quite possible that this may be due Aciclovir 5 Cream to the association of the albu- min particles with hydrogen ions in acid, and with hydroxyl ions in alkaline liquids ; the suspended par- ticles migrating with the associated ions. Hardy*^ determined the migration velocity of globulin and found it to be equal to that of the calcium ion, one of many other observations furnishing evidence in favor of the Aciclovir 800mg view that the charge associated with a colloidal particle might not, in some cases at least, be located on the surface of the particle, but on an associated ion. The conclusion that the charges on colloidal particles are probably Valaciclovir Vs Aciclovir due to asssociated ions was reached by Whitney and Blake,*" who found that the Buy Aciclovir Tablets Uk rate of migration of colloidal gold, platinum, silver, prussian blue, ferric hydrate, and quartz, is approximately that of the univalent ions of neutral inorganic salts. While hypotheses do not differ as to the charge on the colloidal particle itself, they Buy Aciclovir evidently do dif- fer as to the cause of this charge and Aciclovir Cold Sore Cream the location of the charge of opposite sign. Some kinds of col- loidal particles Aciclovir Tablets To Buy proliably arc not surrounded by a ' Aciclovir Tablets 200mg Nh.vch, loo. pit., p. nil. Illllltrcr, (or. rit.. cxl, Aciclovir Cream Bp . 'Wlillncy Aciclovir Dispersible Tablets nnd IJIiiki", Journal 'IlHiltrcr, (or. rIt.. cxl, pt. 2n. p. H27. Helmholtz double layer; they carr}' a charge which may be due to their own ionization*^ or Aciclovir Buy an associated ion.-* How can the coagulation of such colloidal solutions or suspensions be explained Aciclovir Cold Sore by Bredig's theory that changes in the surface tension Aciclovir Tablets Buy Online on the surface of a colloidal particle are caused by changes in Aciclovir Bp the potential difference between the particle and the water? Of peculiar interest is the conclusion arrived at by Pauli*" that acids, alkalies, and acid or alkaline salts when added to solutions of dialyzed, electrolyte free blood serum impart an electric charge to the col- loidal particles in suspension, but neutral salts, such as the chlorids of sodium, calcium or barium, when added to similar solutions of blood serum, do not impart electric charges to the suspended particles. Pauli arrived at this conclusion from the following observation : If an electric current be passed through a solution of blood serum to which some acid or al- kali has been Buy Aciclovir Tablets added, a difference in the concentra- tion of nitrogenous substances around the cathode and anode can be detected, after the current has passed through for six hours. From this Pauli con- cludes that the difference in concentration is due to the migration of the colloids from one electrode toward the other, the colloidal particles having been enabled to migrate by the electric charges imparted to them by the added electrolyte. But if Buy Aciclovir Online to a simi- larly dialyzed solution of blood serum, a neutral salt be Aciclovir Tablets 800mg added, and a current passed through under prac- tically the same conditions as before, for the Where To Buy Aciclovir same length of time, etc., no difference in nitrogen con- centration can be detected at the electrodes. From this Pauli concludes that the colloidal particles did not migrate under these conditions and that the par- ticles did not migrate because the neutral salts do not impart electric charges to the Aciclovir Eye Ointment particles. If we assume that the charge associated with a colloidal particle is due to a charge on an associated ion, Pauli's results may be interpreted in another way. As the following figures show, the migration veloci- ties of the hydrogen and hydroxyl ions are much greater than those of any other ; under uniform con- ditions of temperature, current strength, etc. The migration velocity of any colloid will be dependent, partly at least, upon the migration velocity of the as-sociated ion. Ionic velocities in centimetres per second, per volt per centimetre,'" in very dilute aqueous solutions: 67X10-5 Cl 70X10-5 45 " I "0 36 '• NO, 65 07 '■ OH 184 32:{ •• CjIIjOj 36

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