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58 " CjlItO, 33 Na . LI .. NH. ., »..,....». ........ .,„.>rir(in Chemical So- rlelu, xxvl. p. V.UT,. IIMii. *• Wlilliiiv iiikI make, IhUt.. \i. i.'ir.r.. *» Ilni-dy, rrocrrilintin of Aciphex Rebate Coupon thr llnyal Sorlrtii. t.nndon. Ixvl. p. Ill, 1110(1; nimi Zrtliirlirlfl filr pliyiilkolliiihi: Cliimlc, Aciphex 40 Mg xxxlll, p. :i87, 11)00. '■ Unrdv. Journal of Phvutoloitv, xxix. p. 2S, lliO.-?. " Wlilln.'y nnd Itlnki-, Aciphex Pi loc. oil., p. 1387. Let us assume that neutral salts, sodium chlorid, for instance, when added to colloidal solutions, do impart electric charges to the colloidal particles, an assumption that is entirely in harmony with the re- sults and conclusions of many investigators. The migration velocity of a colloid in a solution contain- ing a mineral acid would naturally tend to lie much greater than the migration velocity of the same col- loid in a solution containing sodium chloritl, and un- der comparable conditions. For in the first case t1)c colloidal particle is being Aciphex Coupon Rebate dragged along by the •' N. .»•••). Iw. rlt.. p. no. "Whltni'v and BUikc, lop. oil., p. l.HUn : nillltxer, Joe. dt., p. 1427. "rniill, Hofmc'Mor'ii IlrltrliQC. vll. pp. ri37-r.44. lOOO. "• Whi'tliam. T/i'"i|( of Soliidori. p. 215, Cambridge, 10O2. i6o When Will Aciphex Go Generic BERG: PROPERTIES OF IONS. swiftest of all ions, hydrogen, while in the second case, the sodium (calcium, barium) ion, moving only one sixth as fast as the hydrogen ion, drags the col- loidal particle along much more slowly. Pauli determined the amounts of nitrogen in 20 cubic centimetre portions of serum solution taken from the solutions near the cathode and anode, after the passage of a current for six hours. The total nitrogen in this volume of Buy Generic Aciphex solution was usually equivalent to 7 to 9.C.C. of m/4 hydrochloric acid. The Kjeldahl method was used in these determina- tions. Is There A Generic For Aciphex In serum solutions containing an acid or an alkali, the differences between the concentrations of nitrogen in the liquids near the electrodes was (for 20 c.c. of liquid) equivalent to 1.60 c.c. Aciphex Tablets (or less) of m/4 hvdrochloric acid. In similar serum solutions containing a neutral salt, the differences were 0.15 Buy Cheap Aciphex c.c. (or less) of m/4 hydrochloric acid. The What Is Aciphex 20 Mg elec- tric current was passed through all these solutions for the same length of time, six hours. Evidently, the migration Aciphex Savings Card in solutions containing neutral salts was slower than in those containing an acid or an alkali, i. e., the migration velocity was greatest in solutions containing the swiftest ions, and vice versa. From this Pauli concludes that neutral salts do not impart electric charges to colloidal par- ticles, but none of the results Purchase Aciphex Online obtained in this Order Aciphex Online (Pauli's) Aciphex Generic Name investigation is out of harmony with the idea that neutral salts when added to colloidal solu- tions do impart electric charges to the colloidal par- ticles (by the association of an ion with a colloidal particle, or in some other Aciphex Generic Equivalent manner not yet definitely known) and the slower migration of colloids in neu- tral salt solutions might be explained by the lesser velocity of the neutral salt ions, as compared with those of hydrogen and hydroxjd.^' Substances which can be obtained in colloidal so- lution or suspension are Generic Name For Aciphex $0 different in character that one or more of the hypotheses as to the Aciphex Discount Card location and nature of the charges may be true for some of them. But the application of the general principle of the relation between surface tension Aciphex Buy and potential differ- Aciphex Generic Available ence to such a large number of substances, which are so different physically and chemically, is obviously difficult. The results obtained by Palmaer^' constitute strong evidence for the existence of an electrical double layer around a mercury globule immersed in a solution containing mercury ions. Consider the mode of 'formation of the electrical double layer. , If

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