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a plate of metal (zinc, for instance) be dipped into water, a very small quantity of the metal (ions) will go into solution, carrying positive charges of elec- tricity with them, and leaving the plate negatively charged. The positive ions will be attracted to the plate, forming a Helmholtz double layer, a charged metal surface surrounded by an oppositely charged layer of ions. The solution tension (or pressure) of the metal tends to send more ions into solution, while the electrostatic attraction between the com- ponents of the double layer is in opposition to this. " If mercury is brought in contact with dilute sulfuric •' According to Oard.v IJournal of Phyalolofiy, xxlx, p. 2!), 1003) the Hmall mlcriitlon vfloclty of globulin pnrtlcli'8 sus- pended In a neutral Biilt Koliitlon (BodUim chloride for example) ma.v be explained by nHHiitninK that both unions and cations are asHoclnted with the same particles. •"Palmaer, ZrHHChrilt filr plij/iVe'iUnche Chemir, xxv, p. 280, lH!i8; xxvlll, p. 257, 1890. acid a small portion of oxide which is always present upon the surface dissolves, .so that practically we have a dilute solution of sulfate of mercury in contact Purchase Acticin Online with the mercury. Purchase Acticin The electrolytic solution pressure of mer- cury is very small, — so small, in fact, that the ions of mercury present in the solution are precipitated to a very slight extent upon the electrode. These positive ions cause the mercury to become positive against its solution, and so the negative ions of the solution are attracted to the mercury, forming a Helmholtz double layer upon it. The bubble of mercury will now assume its largest surface, since the ions in the Buy Acticin layer Order Acticin repel one another and become separated as far as possible. This flattening of the surface works against the surface ten- sion of the mercury. Generic Acticin If now Acticin Cream 5 to this bubble of mercury negative electricity is supplied, its positive charge will decrease. By this the number of negative ions attracted by it Acticin Price will decrease, so that the surface tension will be- come greater than the repelling influence of the nega- tive ions, and the surface will become more spherical. If we continue to supply negative electricity to the bub- ble, we shall finally neutralize all the positive charge on it. The layer of ions will then go back into the liquid and the surface tension will reach its maximum, and the potential difference between electrode Buy Cheap Acticin and liquid will be reduced to zero. If now more negative electricity is supplied to the bubble, it will become charged nega- tively and attract positive ions to it, and the bubble will again flatten, i. e., the surface tension is again overcome. The important point for us, however, is that the potential difference is equal to zero for the maximum surface tension." *^ From this description of the double layer, it is evident that when the mercury globule is positively charged, the double layer consists of a layer of posi- tively charged mercury ions on the surface of the globule, near which is a layer of negatively charged ions (SO^ ions in this case). When the globule is connected by a wire with the electrolyte solution above it, a current flows from the solution througii the wire to the globule until the potential dift'erence is zero and the ions in the layer have either gone back into the solution or have given up their charges to the globule and become atoms again. If to the mercury globule negative electricity be supplied (by opening the circuit and conecting it with a cell) it will become negatively charged, i. e.. a laver of nega- Order Acticin Online tively charged (SO4) ions will be deposited upon the surface of the globtile, while near the negatively charged layer will be a layer of positively charged mercury ions, driven up from the mercury Buy Acticin Online surface. °° In reversing the potential difference, the double layer has Acticin Cream been reversed. Could these changes take place in a colloidal solution of albumin, for example? " Since one can take a hydrosol in which the par- ticles are electronegative and, by the addition of free acid, decrease their negativity, and ultimately make them electropositive, it is clear that there exists some point at which the particles and the fluid in which they are immersed are isoelectric." "^ The reversal of the polarity of a colloidal particle, and its pre- cipitation at the isoelectric point are explained by Bredig"- in terms of the before described relation between potential difference and surface tension. But the conditions existing near the surface of a " Moigan. Acticin Permethrin Cream Tlir Element h nf Phyalcnl ChemMry, p. 28S. 2d ed., New York. 1002. The foregoing paragraph la omitted from the third trillion of this book. ""Whellmni. Inc. tit., p. 280. " Ilarilv, I'rnctiiHvi/« of the Royal Society, London, ixvi. p. 112, ll»Oi>. "■Uredig, AiKirgiiniaclic Fermcntc, i). 1.'. T.olpzlK. 1001. July 27, 1907.] BERG: PROPERTIES OF lOXS.

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