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2. Certain supposed relations cheap aldactone between the phys- iological action and the physicochemical aldactone 50 mg properties of ions have not yet been proved. Mathews's idea of the relation of atomic volume to physiological buy aldactone online action is certainly incorrect, aldactone cost and at the time of this writing, the experimental evidence does not indi- cate that the relation, in its present or in a closely allied form, is a probable one. 3- If we assume that an ion exerts its physiolog- ical effect in the manner described by Mathews, the solution tension of the ion is a factor influencing its physiological effect. This relation between solu- tion tension and physiological effect is a natural sequence of the assumption that it is the ion and not the atom or molecule which is physiologically active, and obviously this relation cannot be used to prove the original assumption. Moreover, this same relation, if it occurs, might exist even if after it should be proved that the atom and not the ion is the active agent in physiological action. 4. The importance of the chemical composition of an ion as a factor determining its physiological ef- fect is underestimated by some investigators. 5. Mathews's theory of the nature of the phys- iological action of ions contains elements of uncer- tainty in so far as it involves assumptions regarding "» Z«lKinonbuy spironolactone online yet justified, because of the incompleteness of present day knowl- edge of these states of matter. The introduction of Bredig's surface tension theory as a means of ac- counting for the viscosity changes or incipient coag- ulation of colloids by electrolytes, or the use of these changes as a means of explaining the physiological effect of an ion on a colloidal particle, is hazardous. Whether changes in surface tension induced by elec- trolytes play any role in the coagulation of colloids is questioned by many. Alterations of the surface of a protoplasmic particle can often be just as well explained by changes in osmotic pressure within and without the particle, and, moreover, such changes can be effected by nonelectrolytes as well as by elec- trolytes. This work was undertaken at the suggestion of Dr. William J. Gies, to whom the writer is glad to acknowledge his indebtedness for timely advice order aldactone online and many valuable suggestions. PHAGOCYTOSIS, ETC., IN SPUTUM, AS buy spironolactone A MEAS- URE OF RESISTANCE IN TUBERCULOSIS.* By Albert H. Allen, M. D., Trudeau P. O., Saranac aldactone order Lake, N. Y.. First Assistant Resident Pliysician. This investigation was undertaken to buy cheap aldactone ascertain whether or not the intracellular position of tubercle bacilli in the sputum, the presence of disintegrated purchase aldactone forms, clumps of parallels, or variation in acid re- sistance, gave anj' evidence of the resistance of the patient. I. Value of the Evidence from Sputum. The extensively tuberculous lung at aldactone price autopsy fre- quently shows all grades of lesions from the fresh tubercle to the old cavity. Since sputum may arise from most of these sources, generic aldactone singly or collectively, the sputum consequently varies much. As Dr. Tru- deau suggested to me, the sputum may be coming from an old cavity, while the real active lesion which is causing symptoms may be in the other lung or in another part of aldactone mg the same lung. Theobald Smith suggests that the lungs are the favorite seat of the tubercle bacillus because they afford an easy exit from the body and the easy perpetuation of its spe- cies. This would mean that tubercle bacilli in spu- tum were simply on their way out of the body much as the Plasmodium malarise goes out from the mos- quito to seek a- new host, aldactone 25 mg and this supposition would rather minimize the importance of the sputum in prognosis. On the other hand, the main fight aldactone online against tuber- culosis is supposedly largely local. Fauconet and others found in tuberculous peritonitis, ei''., a local lymphocytosis, and a general polynucleosis , aldactone tablets this is suggestive that sputum might possibly afford differ- ent evidence of immunity from the blood in tubercu- losis. The sputum immediately from the seat of battle should have a story to disclose. It is true that the fight is probably often a long time over in the immediate source, before the sputum is raised, but it should show some vestiges of the aldactone buy battle. The life of a leucocyte is stated to be only ten buy cheap spironolactone days, so • A prcilnilnnryl^poit of this work rend before the purchase aldactone online Franklin County Medical Society, June, l!)0(i.

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