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This phagocytosis work is based on 412 observa- tions on 109 patients made by the author during the past two years. Cases with only one observation, except with the cocci and dust ( ?) particles, were excluded from the statistics. Ordinary smears were stained usually with Gab- Alli Ireland bet's method. Phagocytosis by any of the cells present was looked for. Lowenstein observed tu- bercle bacilli englobed by endothelial cells, but less frequently Alli In Canada than by polynuclear. Phagocytosis by endothelial cells was very rare in my slides. At least ten representative fields were Price Of Alli searched. Thus the counting of one hundred to two hundred cells, as is done in opsonin work, was not approximated. Since phagocytes and bacilli must be present Alli Coupons for phagocytosis, no obser%'ations were made on speci- mens showing no intact cells or showing less than about one tubercle bacillus to the field. Since Nich- ols found in sections of the lung tubercle bacilli in- side the cells it is quite reasonable to believe \hzt many tubercle bacilli extracellular in the sputum were intracellular before the cells became disinte- grated. a. Frequency of Phagocytosis. — Of eighty cases, in sixty-six (82 per cent.) phagocytosis was pres- ent Alli On Sale at some time. When our phagocytic index (see below) was applied phagocytosis was present in forty-one (59 per cent.) out of seventy cases. b.' Phagocytosis and Alli Canada Prognosis. — Decisions as to improvement or nonimprovemcnt were copied, with few exceptions, from the sanatorium records, where they had been made Alli For Sale by Dr. Alli Shop Brown. " Early " equals history of one year or less ; while " Chronic " equals history of more than one year. Of forty-one early cases, where patients im- proved, thirty-five (85 per cent.) showed phagocy- tosis ; Alli Sale of fifteen early cases, where patients did not improve, twelve (80 per cent.) showed phagocv-to- sis ; Coupon Alli of twenty chronic cases, where patients im- proved, sixteen (64 per cent.) showed phagocyto- sis ; of four chronic cases, where patients Alli Cost did not improve, three (75 per cent.) showed phagocytosis. Thus, of Alli Uk sixty-one patients who improved Alli On Line 83 per cent, showed phagocytosis, of nineteen patients who did not imjKove 79 per cent, showed phagocytosis. According to this, phagocytosis points but doubt- fully to a good prognosis. This comparison, showing 83 per cent. vs. 79 per cent., is based on every observation without regard to the intensity or persistence of phagocytosis. It is impossible to measure phagocytosis in the spu- tum, as is done in opsonin work, because all the Coupon For Alli loucocvtcs may not have come into contact with ba- cilli. I adopted the terms (a) slight (up to about 10 per cent, of all tubercle bacilli present intracci- i64 ALLEN: PHAGOCYTOSIS LN SPUTUM. lular) ; (b) moderate (about lo to 40 per cent.) ; (c) pronounced (about 40 to 65 per cent.)- The liighest percentage actually counted was 65 per cent. Some cases showed only slight. This Coupons For Alli would be present almost continually. Other cases would show moderate or pronounced only once, and zero in a number of other observations. To allow for Alli Price variation of intensity a value of i was given to slight cases, 4 to the moderate, and 8 to the pronounced, as representing approxi- mately the relative average degrees of intensity. To allow for persistency, the intensities observed in each case were added together and divided by the number of observations. This gives the measure sought a kind of phagocytic index. As any index which was below 0.5 was classed as zero, a number of cases showing occasional slight phagocytosis were classed as showing no Alli Coupon phagocytosis. Total. Our Phagocytic index 1 2 3 4 5 8 ImproTed Alli Prices patients 20 15 11 4 1 1 52 UnlmproTed patients 9 4 2 1 2 18 Of twenty-nine patients, with no phagocytosis, twenty (69 per cent.) improved. Of forty-one pa- tients, with phagocytosis, thirty-two (78 Alli 120 per cent.) improved. Of thirteen patients, with index, 2, eleven (85 per cent.) improved. The number of cases with the higher indices was too small for use. This evidence would be fairer if there were a

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