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larger proportion of unimproved patients. Accord- ing to this classification the proportions are 78 per cent. vs. 69 per cent., instead of 83 per cent. vs. 79 per cent, above. The difference is still too small to permit of practical prognosis. Lowenstein about six months ago, in an interest- ing article, allopurinol generic name stated : 1. In about lo per allopurinol cost cent, of cases of manifest tu- berculosis, the tubercle bacilli are inside the i to 3 nucleated leucocytes. 2. The intracellular position occurs: (a) in pro- nounced chronic cases; (b) in early cases, which point to a cure. 3. The intracellular position often indicates the early disappearance of the order allopurinol tubercle bacilli from the buy allopurinol online sputum. I. This statement is based on fifty-six cases out of five hundred. In thirty-nine out of the fifty-six cases, only one observation to the case was made. As will be seen later, these thirty-nine cases should have been discarded. On the remaining seventeen cases, only forty-one observations were made. The author does not say how many observations were made on the remainder of the starting allopurinol five hundred cases. My high percenage was probably due to making repeated observations on the same patient, and to allopurinol 20 mg the fact that the smears were made within an hour or two after expectoration. Frequently a patient's allopurinol brand name sputum would show phagocytosis once, and not allopurinol uk again in a number of observations. If sputa are allowed to stand, the cells disintegrate, and thus phagocytosis cannot be observed. As to phagocytosis in early vs. chronic cases, 84 per cent, of my early cases and 79 per cent, of the chronic cases showed what is allopurinol 300 mg phagocytosis, slightly more fref|uently in early cases. The sputum allopurinol 150 mg of one case with history of eighteen years, and another with a history of seventeen years, showed marked phagocytosis. However, in the former case, only one observation was made. As to phagocytosis in early cases with good prog- nosis, my figures show : Of forty-one early cases where patients did well, thirty-six (85 per cent.) showed phagocytosis. Of fifteen early cases where patients did poorly, twelve (80 per cent.) showed phagocytosis. This appears slightly in favor of good prognosis. I may have classified early and chronic differently from Lowenstein. As to conclusion 3 : In my figures — Of sixty-three cases with phagocytosis fourteen (22 per cent.) lost tubercle bacilli. Of twenty-one cases with no brand name for allopurinol phagocytosis seven (33 per cent.) lost tubercle bacilli. Thus a larger proportion of cases without phago- cytosis lost their tubercle bacilli than those with it. c. Phagocytosis and Tuberculin Treatment. — If phagocytosis is of value in prognosis, we might ex- pect tuberculin reactions and allopurinol tablets 100mg treatment to cause variations. Lowenstein gave up the idea that tu- berculin treatment allopurinol 50 mg is much correlated with phago- cytosis. allopurinol brand names Denys says that phagocytosis occurs in the latter part of treatment allopurinol rxlist with B. F. Our cases in- cluded B. F., T. O., B. E., and a modified T. C, and the cases would have been too few, if divided according to tuberculins. Of 179 observations on patients not taking tuber- culin, loi (56 per cent.) showed phagocytosis. Of 157 observations on persons not taking tuber- culin allopurinol pharmacology who had phagocytosis at some time, in loi (64 per cent.) it was present. allopurinol iv Of 141 observations on patients taking tuberculin, 40 (28 per cent.) observations showed phagocyto- sis. Of eighty-seven observations on tuberculin pa- tients, who allopurinol online had phagocytosis at some time, forty (46 per cent.) observations showed phagocytosis. cost of allopurinol Thus the percentage of occurrences of phagocy- tosis in tuberculin cases was much fewer and much less constant than in non-tuberculin cases. Comparing tuberculin and nontuberculin cases by means of our phagocytic index : Of forty-two tuberculin patients eighteen (43 per cent.) showed phagocytosis. Of twenty-nine non- tuberculin patients twenty-four (83 per cent.) showed phagocytosis.

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