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Thus a much larger proportion of the nontuber- culin amoxil price patients showed phagocytosis. Statistics were made to ascertain whether patients showing phago- cytosis before tuberculin treatment lost their phago- cytosis after taking the treatment. The numbers were too small. d. Phagocytosis during Tuberculin Reactions. — In seventeen tuberculin reactions, smears were made daily for three to seven days online amoxil after the begin- ning of the reaction, to see if negative and positive phases occurred, as seen in the blood. In two cases the phases were apparently present. These amoxil buy might be explained by the frequent variations present in most cases. One case was most purchase amoxil interesting; Case. — Patient was admitted April 19, 1906. His temperature from April iplh to June 29th was 100° to 102 F. amoxil 500 He began B. F. on June i8th. Phacf'icytosis was absent in monthly observations till Octolicr 17th, after four months tuberculin treatment. From then till last observation, December 31st, phagocytosis was gen- July 27, 1907.J ALLEN: PHAGOCYTOSIS IN SPUTUM. i6: erally marked. Tuberculin was continued without in- termission until the amoxil order patient's discharge in January. From December 15th to 31st amoxil 875mg observations were 500mg amoxil taken almost daily. Patient had reaction on December 12th to 0.005 to'"- B. F. December 15, 1906, amoxil generic phagocytosis o. December 16, 1906, phagocytosis 30 per cent.; tuber- cle bacilli intracellular. December 17, amoxil 875 mg 1906, phagocytosis 30 per cent.; tuber- cle bacilli intracellular. December iS, 1906, phagocytosis o; at 8 p. m. patient amoxil 500 mg received 0.002 B. F. December 19, 1906, phagocytosis 20 per cent. December 20, 1906, phagocytosis 40 per cent. December 21, 1906, 7.30 a. m., phagocytosis 30 per cent. ; at 8 p. m. patient received 0.003 B. F. ; 7.45 a. m., phagocytosis 30 per cent. ; 8.00 a. m., phagocytosis 20 per cent. December 22, 1906, 7.30 a. m., phagocytosis 10 per cent. ; 7.45 a. m., phagocytosis 40 per cent. ; 8.00 a. m., phagocytosis 30 per cent. Slight redness at site of in- jection. December 23. 1906, phagocytosis 65 per cent. December 25, 1906, amoxil 250mg phagocytosis 0. December 27, 1906, phagocytosis 40 per cent. December 28, 1906, phagocytosis 10 per cent.; pa- tient received 0.004 B. F. at 8 p. m. December 30, 1906, phagocytosis 30 per cent. December 31, 1906, phagocytosis 40 per cent. Thus after reaqtion December 12, 1906, and after 0.002, negative and positive phases were apparently present. However, since no observations were taken December 13th and 14th, the first negative phase should be discarded. After the slight reaction at site of amoxil 250 injection Decem- ber 22. 1906. there were no phases. Then on December 25, 1906, phagocytes o, without a dose of tuberculin. There was no observation the day after a dose of 0.004 B. F. A number of such cases giving similar phases would lead to the presumption amoxil 875 that sputum ex- aminations might be equal to the opsonin test. e. Phagocytosis during Important Symptoms. — In twenty-three cases observations were made durinjj important symptoms : i. e., pleurisy, hemop- tysis, fever, etc. In seven, symptoms did not aflfect phagocytosis; in eight, phagocytosis was present or increased ; in eight, phagocytosis was absent or de- creased. Thus, there seemed no connection be- tween phagocytosis and • important amoxil 400 symptoms. These observations were not made frequently enough during and before amoxil tablets and after cheap amoxil the symptoms to be of much value. f. Is Phagocytosis Specific? — In thirty-three non-febrile patients showing secondary organisms phagocytosis of secondary organisms was looked for." It amoxil buy online was present in ten (30 per cent.). In five amoxil 250 mg

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