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6. Phagocytosis in sputum deserves Aralen Price a more ex- Buy Aralen tended study, especially since the role of phagocy- tosis in general is still undetermined. 7. Disintegrated tubercle bacilli, Chloroquine Price parallels, varia- Order Aralen Online tion in staining, all seem to be of no practical use in prognosis. This is in harmony with the litera- ture. References. Baldwin, E. R. Mechanism of Resistance in Tubercu- losis. Transactions of the Philadelphia Pathological So- ciety, May, igo6. Brown, W. L. St. Bartholemew's Hospital Journal, Feb- ruary, 1S96, p. 72. Cohnheim. (Quoted by Labbe.) La Presse medicate, August 10, Purchase Aralen 1904. De Bruyne. On a Functional Adaptation of _ Phagocy- tosis. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, xxxii, p. 92. Denys, J. Le Bouillon filtre du hacille de la tuberculose. Fauconne. Deulsches Archiv fiir klinische Buy Aralen Online Medizin, De- cember 12, 1904. Hektoen. Journal of the American Medical Association, May 12, 1906. Lowenstein. Ein Beitrag zur Histologic Chloroquine Buy des Tuberku- losen Order Aralen Auswurfes. Zeitschrift fiir Tuberkulose, x. No. I. Mallory. Journal of Experimental Medicine, v, p. i. Markl. Centralblatt fiir Bakteriologie, xxxviii. No. i. Metchnikoff. " L'Immunite." (Quoted by J. G. Aralen Cost What Is Chloroquine Wil- son.) Journal of the Buy Chloroquine American Medical Association, May Aralen Online 26, 1906. Nichols, Joseph L. Medical News, September 30, 1905. Pottenger. Transactions of the American Climatological Association, 1906. Smith, Theobold. Journal of the American Medical As- sociation, April 28, 1906. Stohr. (Quoted by W. Aralen Tablets L. Brown.) Chloroquine Aralen Loc cit. Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium. CONSANGUINITY: A FACTOR IN IMMUNITY Buy Cheap Aralen TO SCARLET FEVER.* By Aralen Phosphate Julian Walter Brandeis, A. M., M. D., New York. Several Chloroquine Tablets years ago when making visits to conta- gious disease cases in the tenements of the lower east side, in official capacity, I became impressed with the fact that with scarlet fever occurring in • bpfore (he Rocli'ly of Modlcnl InspectorB of tlio City nf New York, Ma.v 7, 11)07. July 27. 1907.] BRANDEIS: COXSANGUINITY AXD SCARLET FEVER. 167 these uniformly large families, it was the rule, never- theless, to have no secondary cases develop. It was the regular thing to visit an apartment where a fam- ily of eight to ten Cost Of Chloroquine persons huddled in two rooms, eating in one and retiring to the other to sleep; where sanitary conditions were wretched ; where iso- lation varied from bad to worse; where the conva- lescent from scarlet fever frequently furnished sport for the other children in the pursuit of peeling ofif the dead epidermis from the hands and feet ; and to find here that, despite all this, a secondary case sel- dom appeared. This evidence of low degree of scarlet contagion, when considered in relation to members of the same family, diftered so markedly from the estimates placed by various authors of the contagiousness of the disease in relation to children in general, that Purchase Aralen Online I decided to tabulate a certain number of cases to see what figures I should obtain. In the following cases, which occurred in a middle west side district, the sanitary conditions were but a slight improve- ment over those encountered on the east side, so that the results I tabulated are quite as convincing:

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