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2 Adult Domestics I 1 Buy Cheap Artane Adult Family) 2 Adults , . , „ (Family), 1 A™" 2 Adult „ ^01 , Domestics Family) Excellent Domestics i I In each of these two cases we see an adult of the same family as the sick person Buy Artane escaping infection while in each the two strange'rs exposed contracted the disease; Order Trihexyphenidyl and it is reasonable to assume that the domestics were less exposed than the members of the family. Finally, I wish to Purchase Artane Online state that, realizing Purchase Artane that a larger number of cases would render my conclusion more convincing, I present the preceding series tem- porarily, intending to add a considerably larger number as soon as collected. Since writing the above I have received from several colleagues data of cases of scarlet fever com- ing under their observation, with the following re- sults : Dr. Thomas A. Martin reports sixty-five nonim- mune children exposed in thirty-three families, with seven secondary cases developing. Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Isolation, in gen- eral, poor. Dr. William E. Weber reports sixteen Order Trihexyphenidyl Online nonim- mune children exposed in eleven families, witli two secondary cases developing. Isolation, in Buy Trihexyphenidyl general, fair. Dr. Otto A. Jahn reports twenty-two nonimmune children exposed in twelve families, with three sec- ondary cases developing. Isolation varying from poor to fair. This makes a total of 103 children exposed to the contagion of scarlet fever through a member of the sam.e family, with twelve (or eleven plus per cent.) of secondary cases developing. And combining these figures with those given above, namely, four second- ary cases among thirty-nine children exposed, a grand total is obtained Artane Price of 142 children exposed, with sixteen secondary cases developing, or eleven plus per cent. 31 Wrst One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Street. *—* The Medical Corps of the Navy. — The medical corps of the navy Generic Artane not been able to get enough surgeons to meet tlie needs of tlic service. Admiral Rixey, the surgeon general, has undert.iken to give temporary appointments as " acting assistant surgeons " to the young men who will pass a satisfactory preliminary examination and come to Washington for in.struction. They will receive six months' special training at the \aval Medical School and Hospital, or at Artane 2 Mg the Mare Island Naval Hospital. At the end of that course they will receive appomtnients as assistant surgeons, Artane 1 Mg with an annual salary of $1,760, supplemented by allowances of $432 and mileage. — Science. OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. , A SERIES OF PRIZE ESSAYS. Questions for discussion Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online in this department are an- nounced at frequent intervals. So far as they have been Order Artane decided upon, the further questions are as Artane Online follows: LXIV. — How do you treat infMcnsa? {Closed July 15, 1907.) LXV. — How do you Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online prevent contraction in the scars of burns f {Answers, due not later than August is, 1907.) LXVI. — How do you make an early diagnosis of preg- nancy {Answers due not later than September 16, 1907.) Whoever anszvers one of these questions in the manner Order Artane Online most satisfactory Buy Artane Online to Artane Tablets the editors and their advisers will receive a prize of $25. No importance whatever zvill be at- tached to literary style, but the award will be based solely

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