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on the value of the substance of the answer. It is requested {but not required) that the answers be short; if practicable, no one ansiver to contain more than si.v hundred ivords. All persons will be entitled to compete for the prize, whether subscribers or not'. This prize will not be awarded to any one person more than once within one year. Every ansiver must be accompanied by the writer's full name and address, both of which we must be at liberty to publish. All papers contributed become the property of the Journal. The prize of $35 for the best essay submitted in answer to question LXIII has been awarded to Dr. Julius J. Valen- tine, of New York, whose article appears below. PRIZE QUESTION NO. LXIII. THE TREATMENT OF GONORRHCEAL EPIDIDY- MITIS. By Julius J. Valentine, M. D., New York. . It atarax cost is instructive to note "that no patient treated by irrigations for gonorrhoea acquires epididymitis un- less the epididymis is involved when he presents himself for the first examination. The development of epididymitis is then exceptional, as shown by the office and dispensary records of my chiefs. Professor Ferdinand C. Valentine and Professor Terry M. Townsend. Galvanism. — Galvanism yields brilliant results in the inception of this complication. Pain is promptly arrested and the swelling soon recedes. The cur- rent is applied at the first seance by means of a flat electrode, curved to fit the scrotum of the atarax 25 mg aflfected side, using the negative with two milliamperes order atarax online for two minutes, while another (e. g., 8 x 10) flat elec- trode is under the patient's buttocks. The next cheap atarax day the positive is applied to the scrotum with three milliamperes for three minutes. In this atarax tablets manner atarax 50 mg the atarax online direction of the current is changed each day, its force increased one milliampere and the seance lengthened one minute. This is continued until all pain and increase of swelling are arrested. Thence- forward the intervals between treatments are atarax 10mg grad- ually extended, at first by one day, later by two days. Local Applications. — It is well to dress the scro- tum with a slight modification of the ointment in- troduced by Professor Leopold Casper, of Berlin. It consists of: Ichthyol, 2.5 parts; guaiacol, 5.0 parts ; mercurial ointment, lo.o parts ; petrolatum and wool fat, aa, p. a;, ad. 30.0 parts. This ointment is thickly spread upon four layers of gauze cut of a size to completely cover the scrotum containing the inflamed epididymis ; over the gauze a layer of cotton is placed ; this is enveloped with a sheet of oiled silk, and all firmly compressed with a purchase atarax online strong suspensory atarax tablets 25mg bandage, selected to thoroughly com- press the scrotum and hold it immovable against the ascending pubic rami. Painting the scrotum with silver nitrate, tincture of iodine, guaiacol, etc., have been discarded be- cause of the unnecessary suft'ering they produce, and little, purchase atarax if any, benefit they yield. Ice applications, still recommended in some text- books, are not used, because in all patients appear- order atarax ing in the records mentioned before with a sloughed epididymis or testicle, ice had been locally employed. It is true that in many instances this deplorable re- sult did not follow the use of ice ; still the invariable atarax price fact, what I cited, is sufficient to justify generic atarax abstaining from its use. Poulticing. — The time honored flaxseed and to- bacco poultice still has its place, when the scrotum is extensively involved in the inflammation, as shown by intense reddening and such hypersesthesia, as to prevent manipulation of any kind. This poultice consists of equal parts of ground flaxseed and com- mon smoking tobacco, boiled together to the thick- ness of porridge. The mixture is spread upon a layer buy atarax online of gauze two inches larger in all directions than needed atarax mg to cover the affected scrotum. Enough of the poultice to cover the scrotum about a quarter of an inch thick is smoothly spread upon the gauze, leaving a margin of gauze two inches wide free at all sides. Another piece of gauze is put upon the poultice, and the free margins of the former (bot- tom) gauze are folded over the latter to form a frame therefor. The poultice so made is where to buy atarax wrapped about the affected scrotum as hot as can be borne. The whole mass is then placed upon a board, such as th^ lid of a large cigar box, from whose long mar- gin a semicircle buy atarax has been cut, so that the board can rest upon the thighs, snugly holding up the entire scrotum to prevent all tension of the spermatic cords. As soon as a poultice has begun to cool slightly, another is prepared to take its place. The exchange must be made as rapidly as possible to prevent the change of temperature which would result from de- lay. When the patient's sleeping time arrives, the poultice may be replaced by the Casper ointment buy cheap atarax

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