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M. sis may reestablish the continuity of the scvcrea epi- The infusion of triticuiu repcns Buy Cheap Atrovent mav be replaced, diclymis. Order Atrovent Online , , ^, ^. • , Atrovent Online .^-u ■ I ,, 1 Buy Aerovent 1. 1 ■ i • c Unfortunately the antieonococcic serum, which with equally good results, by an infusion of corn >-j iiuiiuiuin.iv un- .1.1111,^ ^^"^ '.^^i;,, ... ' - *^ •' would cure rapidly gonorrhoea, prevent complica- ^' T^, • . ^ ^ w \ t \\^ A •„ „.^„^ ^0000 K,- tions, and, if declared, cure them quickly and safely. This treatment will be followed, in most cases, by , ' ' , , ,, '. , •„ , ^,„„„ . , ■ • , /• ,, ^ -J J -i • has not vet eonc beyond the experimental stage. a rapid subsidence of the symptoms, provided it ts ""' • ••^'^ ^ - ' «" applied soon after the onset of the inflammation. We liave recently seen several cases in which all symp- ^^ .^/,„^.^ ^ Motthcivs, of Earhillc, X. )"., zirites: toms disappeared in an interval of from two to four (lays. Having made a positive diagnosis of gonorrhoeal Some writers boast that in twenty years they have epididymitis, the jiatietit should be at once put to not re(|ueslcd a single patient with gonorrhoeal epi- bed in a large, well ventilated, well lighted apart- ilidvmitis to go to bed. We believe it is decidedly ment and the surroundings made as cheerful as pos- bettcr always to request such patients to go to bed sible. My experience has taught mc that this class 170 THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. [New York Mruical Jodbnai,. of cases is quite Purchase Atrovent Online liable to be more or less depressed mentally. The testicle should be supported so that there may be no dragging on Purchase Atrovent the cord. A pillow between the thighs answers the purpose in a way. A broad piece of strapping passed from one groin to the other also makes a good Generic Atrovent support. Another nice method of support is to take a piece of square cloth of sufficient size, fold it in a triangular shape, sew a piece of broad tape to the long side, and apply. The patient having been made comfortable, my next step is to select and' employ those therapeutical measures which, in my opinion, will be of the most service. If the patient is seen early, i. e., in the acute stage, and is young and vigorous and other- wise healthy, cold is, by all odds,"the best local ap- plication. It will be found necessary to employ cold in the vast majority of cases. Finely crushed Order Atrovent ice may be applied by means of an ice bag or condom, "or even cold cloths. Personally, however, I always use the coil, which consists simply Cheap Atrovent of a coil of rub- ber tubing wound about the scrotum through which iced water circulates. If, on the other hand, the patient is old or cachectic, it may be found to be inore advisable to employ heat. In this event, spon- giopiline wrung out of very hot water, applied and covered with oil silk, makes a very neat applica- tion. _ I sometimes use hot applications of fine cut chewing tobacco or flaxseed meal, buj: the spongio- piline is far superior. Ordinary flannel cloths, wrung out of hot water, may be used. If cold applications are used, they should be continued until the pain is relieved, unless the patient complains of discomfort, when they may be stopped for a time and again re- sumed. The bowels should be attended to from the first. My plan is to give one drachm of Epsom salt, com- bined -with one quarter grain of tartar emetic, dis- solved in half a glass of hot water, every four hours until the bowels move freely. The diet should be liquid and unstimulating. In a very short time, however, the diet may be aug- mented by semisolid-, nutritious sifbstances. All urethral medication and instrumentation should be discontinued while treating the epididy- mitis. Sometimes the relief of the pain is not such an easy matter as one might Buy Atrovent think. There are two pro- cedures, not yet mentioned, which in my hands, have proved very satisfactory Buy Atrovent Online on numerous occasions. The first consists in making several punctures into the epididymis with a well sized needle or very finely pointed, sharp knife. Blood and serum follow the punctures with great relief of the pain. The sec- ond procedure is to cover the testicle with a thick layer of equal parts of the extract of belladonna

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