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Heart diseases 40 42 53 Influenza 1 S 2 Measles 2 4 Nervous diseases 22 27 25 Pneumonia 114 95 139 Scarlet fever 2 4 2 Suicide 8 5 8 Smallpox 4 Typhoid fever 6 8 7 Violence (other than suicide) 20 15 20 Wliooping cough 7 4 1 All other causes 101 104 76 After three weeks of unusually low December mortalitv the seasonal winter increase has set avapro generic name in sharply. The 548 deaths from all causes re- ported during the week represent a 7.6 per cent. increase avapro coupon over the previous week and nearly 4 per cent, more than the corresponding first winter week of order avapro online 1903. In themselves none of the impor- tant causes of death shows any increase sufficient to create alarm ; consumption only six more, can- cer seven more, diphtheria three more, pneumonia nine more, smallpox four more, and whooping cough three more than the previous week. But the revelations of the Chicago laboratory' indi- cate a serious increase of atmospheric impurity, only temporarily checked by the snowfall. The germs of avapro classification all the air borne diseases are rife and tlie influenza bacillus or grippe germ is endemically avapro cost prevalent in many sections of the city. The health department renews its warning against all unnecessary exposure to those suffering from avapro generic alternative any of the contagious and infectious diseases, especial- ly from avapro 75 mg pneumonia and influenza. J January 7, 1905.] PITH. OP CURRENT LITERATURE. 39 fitb of Current fiteralurt. PRESSE MEDICALE. November 9, 1904. Pain in Floating Kidney, By Th. Tuffier. Floating Kidney. — Tuffier describes two cases, in one of which the pain was very avapro alternatives severe with ex- avapro tablet acerbations, in the other very slight. He considers pain as variable in existence, intensity, localization, radiation, severity, form, and intermittence, and believes that from these order avapro variations indications can be drawn regarding prognosis and treatment. He divides the pain into two general forms, constant and intermittent. The constant form avapro vs diovan is centred in the lumboiliac region, whence it radiates in many directions, is rarely acute and is increased by pres- sure. It is rarely met with in children, usually in adults, avapro coupons appearing as a rule slowly and progressively. It is frequently associated with pains in losartan vs avapro the buy cheap avapro liver, intestines, stomach, avapro 10 mg uterus and annexa, from which it must be distinguished. The intermittent form presents two varieties, one simply a dragging sensa- tion with radiations to the lateral parts of the thorax, very rarely avapro recall toward the abdomen; the other the pains due to an intermittent hydronephrosis. Xovembcr 12. 1904. The Bloodless Reduction of Congenital Dislocation of the Hip Joint, By J. Gourdon. Bloodless Reduction of Congenital Dislocation of the avapro avalide Hip Joint. — avapro discount card Gourdon describes with illus- trations Lorenz's method of reduction, which is quite familiar, but adds nothing new. He says correctly that the criterion of the efficacy of the method is its adoption by avapro price all orthopaedic surgeons. November 16, 1904.

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