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very tender on pressure and considerable uterine bleeding. Temperature 98°, pulse 120 and small. Dia^osis, ruptured left tubal pregnancy. Prepared Purchase Avelox patient for operation at once. On opening the abdomen it was found full of blood and clots. Pulled up the left tube and ovary. They were ad- herent to the intestines everywhere and the tube was ruptured and Bayer Avelox bleeding freely. The tube and broad ligament were tied off in sections and the adhesions broken up, then they were cut off with the ovary, and the stump was reinforced with a running su- ture and buried under the peritonaeum. The right ovary was cystic, so, together with the tube and broad ligament, was removed. The abdominal cavity was flushed out with hot salt solution, an incision made through the posterior wall of the vagina into the cul de sac, and a gauze drain in- serted. The abdominal cavity was then filled with hot salt solution, the peritonaeum brought together with a running silk suture, the muscles with silk- worm gut mattress suture, and Avelox Generic the skin with a silk- worm gut subcutaneous suture. Patient took the chloroform fairly well. Pulse 150 at close of op- eration. Gave her strychnine one thirtieth grain and morphine one Avelox Generic Name quarter grain hypodermically, also one and half pints of hot salt solution per rec- tum. Elevated head of the Avelox Antibiotic 400mg bed fifteen inches. Pa- tient Cheap Avelox was desperately ill for the first five days after the operation, then she gradually became convales- cent and Coupon For Avelox was discharged, well, February 26th. She drained very freely from the cul de Avelox Strong Antibiotic sac up to Feb- ruary 24th and if the discharge checked at Avelox Iv all she would have fever and pain. Suture removed from line of incision January 22d, and the scar found to be firm. On Auxiliaries of Climatotherapy. — I. Benney Yeo, in the Practitioner, for December, 1904, re- fers to a previous statement by him that " care without climate is better than climate without care," and that " it is possible to make bad use of a good climate Buy Avelox Online and good Generic For Avelox use of a bad one." In other words, something more than unaided change of climate is necessary in the treatment of tubercu- losis and hence arose the method of treating this disease in sanatoria. The care Avelox 400 Mg Price in such institutions means strict atten- tion to the smallest details of a patient's life. This rigid care which is exercised over tuberculous pa- tients ought also to be exerted over patients who are sent to sanatoria for the treatment of chronic gastric catarrh, early hepatic cirrhosis, diabetes, albuminuria, chronic rheumatism, chronic paludism, and many other forms of chronic disease. With suitable regulation of diet, baths, exercise, and amusements many troublesome cases that are now neglected might be cured. 340 BURR: FIBROMATA OF THE VULVA. REPORT OF A CASE OF FIBROMATA OF THE VULVA.* By Generic Avelox THOMAS S. BURR, A. B., M. D., SOUTH BEND, IND., FORMERLY ASSISTANT IN SURGERY AXD DEMONSTRATOR OF - GYNAECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS IN THE Avelox 400 Mg Dosage UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. I wish to report the case here cited, not because it offers any features of spectacular interest, or presents a solution of any surgical problem, but because the condition is one which but seldom comes to the attention of the profession. Benign naoplasms of the vulva are rarely encountered. In consulting the gynaecological records of Buy Avelox the University Hospital, I have not found a recorded case of fibroma of Printable Avelox Coupon the vulva among Avelox Generic Equivalent some 5,000 gynecological conditions observed. Forty-two es- say's bearing upon this subject have been collected from the literature, and of these I have been able to study eighteen. The paucity of reported cases seems to bear me out in the statement that such growths are rare, though the fact that small tu- mors of the vulva are easily dealt with makes it possible that the condition is met with by the general practitioner more frequently than re- ported cases would lead us to believe. Just why the vulva should Avelox Online be so exempt from the development of fibroma and other tumors, is not easily apparent. Certainl}' the tissues of the vulva are rich in mesoblastic elements. There is an abundance of connective tissue and smooth muscle fibres, and the structures are singularly liable to traumatisms which in other localities are often sufficient to inaugurate cellular new growth. The Avelox 400mg Tablets life history of the labial tissues is in no essen-

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