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The hot bath and bactrim tablets spinal douche consists in im- mersion, temperature 105°, for five minutes, fol- lowed by a cold spinal douche, mrsa bactrim 10 seconds. The antibiotics bactrim hot applications must be moist, and may be applied bactrim bactrim either by hot flannels, spongiopiline. or a moist flan- nel covered with an electric pad. The whole appli- cation to be tightly applied by an abdominal binder ; such applications to be changed every two hours in the day and once in the night. The diet is conducted on about these lines : For breakfast — Cacao, cereal, with cream and sugar : minced meat on toast, or soft boiled eggs : roll, butter, marmalade. 1 1 o'clock — Russell's emulsion, i o'clock — Fish, or chicken, or bird ; two vegetables ; a farinaceous dessert (corn- starch, farina, or rice pudding). 4 o'clock — Either the remains of the farinaceous pudding, or junket, or malted milk. 7 o'clock — Like bactrim for mrsa the meal of i bactrim 400 mg o'clock. 9 o'clock — The meal like the 4 o'clock. Throughout the day cream ( 16 per cent, to one pint) is to be given. Liquids at meals are to be restricted. No fruit or red meats are to be allowed. If bactrim cost the bowels are constipated, the nurse is directed bactrim price to mas- sage the descending colon ten minutes three times a day, and to use intestinal irrigations by a to-and-fro current, not introducing more than a pint at a time, just as one would wash the stomach. The custom of giving two or bactrim 800mg three quarts of water at a time is to be deplored. As regards medicine, it is best to start with small doses of bromide, a drug indis- pensable in the treatment of these cases. He fre- quently employs the following prescription : B generic for bactrim Chloralis hydratis _. .3i ; Sod. bromidi, oiiss ; .^q. chloroformi, 5iv ; Spts. anisi. qtt. vi. M. Sig. : Teaspoonful in water, after meals, three times a day. After the first ten days substitute for this pre- scription tincture of physostigma in to or 15 minim doses, substituting it for the bromide solution, first after breakfast and bactrim and uti then in a few days after supper, so that the patient takes physostigma after break- fast and supper, the bromide after the midday bactrim generic meal and at night. Toward the close of four weeks, three doses of physostigma are given, and but one dose of the l)romide, tliis at night. 172 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL IXCOKI'ORATIXG THE Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Review of Medicine. Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D., and SMITH ELY JELLIFFE, M. D. Address all biisiness communications to A. R. ELLIOTT antibiotic bactrim PUBLISHING COMPANY, Publishers^ 66 West Broadivay, New York. Philadelphia Office cost of bactrim : Chicago Office : 3713 Walnut Street. 160 Washington Street. StmscRiPTioN bactrim and Price : TTnder Domestic Postage Rates, $5 ; under Foreign Postage Rate, $7; single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange or post office purchase bactrim or express money order payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co. or bactrim 800 mg by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. Entered at the Post Office at New York sulfa bactrim and admitted for transportation through the mail as second class matter. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1907. bactrim prices SUDANOPHILIA AND SUPPURATION. In 1906 M. Cesaris-Demel described a special

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