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of the corresponding hand are involuntarily ex- tended and separated. They slowly betnovate scalp application resume their former condition as the ann is allowed to drop. The extension affects particularly the first two phalanges, and the separation of the fingers betnovate scalp solution is sometimes sug- gestive of the opening of a fan. The higher the patient is able to raise his arm the more likely is the phenomenon to occur. The autiior has observed it in nineteen out of twenty-seven cases of hemi- plegia taken at rantloni. In three cases, curiously, enough, the finger movements were reversed; tiic 174 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. fingers were approximated and flexed. The phe- nomenon does not always affect all the fingers, but may be limited even to one of them. Exceptionally, and in a betnovate ointment 0.1 minor degree, it is observed on the sound side. It is attributed betnovate gm to contraction of the interos- seous muscles of the hand, though perhaps the lum- bricales take some part in its production. DYSTOCIA DUE TO A VESICAL CALCULUS. It must be very rare for a stone in the bladder to prove an impediment to delivery. betnovate cream 0.1 A remarkable in- stance, however, is related by Dr. Wagner {Zeit- schrift fiir Geburtshilfe nnd Gyndkologie, lix, 2 ; Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, June 3rd). The woman came into betnovate n cream the clinic because, in spite of strong and persistent pains, parturition did not ad- vance. An impediment was found in a hard mass situated between the child's head and the symphysis pubis. This was at first taken to be a pelvic exosto- sis, as has often happened before. But betnovate n the intro- duction of a sound soon established the diagnosis, and under anaesthesia it was found practicable to place the stone in such a position that betnovate c the child, al- ready dead, was extracted by version. Such a pro- cedure, it appears from the literature of the sub- ject, gives the best results for the mother, though colpocystotomy affords an excellent substitute when it is practicable. The warning is given that in cases of encapsulated stone accouchement force should not be resorted to. INTESTINAL INVAGINATION IN INFANTS. Professor E. Kirmisson recently called the atten- tion of the French Academy of Medicine (Revue de therapeutiqiie medico-chirurgicalc, July ist) to the remissness of French physicians in the matter of calling for surgical assistance early in cases of intussusception in infants. He declares that it is on this account that the French results are less favor- betnovate face betnovate skin cream able than the English. To show the necessity of prompt operative intervention, he cites statistics showing a mortality of fourteen per cent, after op- erations within twelve hours, of thirty-nine per cent, after those within twenty-four hours, of thirty-six per cent, after those within thirty-six hours, of thirty-seven per cent, after those at betnovate scalp lotion the end of twq days, of fifty-four betnovate buy online per cent, after those cit the end of three days, and of seventy-eight per cent, after those at the end of four days. He grants that reduction betnovate c ointment of the invagination occasionally follows the use of an anaesthetic, large- enemata, betnovate for acne and inversion of the body, but he insists that when these measures do not at once prove efficient laparotomy should be re- sorted to without delay. Of course an early diagnosis must be made, but this is not generally buy betnovate cream difficult. Invagination is the commonest form of intestinal occlusion in young children, and it may almost be taken for granted that it is present when the child passes blood by betnovate c cream the anus and at the same time shows signs of violent colic and intestinal obstruction. As buy betnovate cream online in cases of strangulated hernia, betnovate online we must never leave such a pa- tient until the obstruction has been overcome. VENEREAL DISEASES AMONG. SAILORS. Everybody knows that the ways of sailors are peculiar. From the moral point of view, seafaring men as a class are probably no worse and no better at bottom than other men. Their hard life, how- ever, with the shabby treatment which they too often receive, leads them to fall readily into the toils of the prostitute. As a betnovate gm skin cream result they are very commonly afflicted with venereal disease. Unless such disease is accompanied by some painful complication, such as epididymitis, a suppurating bubo, or cystitis, or unless phagedasna threatens them with serious muti- lation, they are apt to ignore the seriousness of their

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