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the crowning Buy Bupropion Online feature of their annual convention, which be- gan on the 15th. It was estimated that 25,000 members of the organization were in the procession, and an innumer- able crowd gathered to witness the pageant. On that day the official thermometer registered a maximum of 90'' at 2 p. m., and the relative humidity, which was 79 at S a. m.. rcachctl 8.'° at 8 p. m. It is not to be wondered at than many in the crowd succumbed to the heat. The news- papers allege that 3.000 persons were overcome, an un- doubtedly exaggerated estimate. The record of cases treated at the hospitals was 514. the largest numbers being _>(" at St Joseph's, no at the Hahnemann. 50 at the Jef- ferson, and 42 at the Howard. So far Buy Cheap Bupropion as known none of the cases were fatal and the majority of them were not of the type charactoriTied by high temperatures. In such a time any one who feels at all faint is put down as being a heat case. But after deducting all cases due to overeating, and particularly to overdrinking of beer and other alco- holics, the fact remains Purchase Bupropion that there were a great many cases of heat prostration on the day in question. Undoiibtedlv this day's experience will start a train of pathological mani- festations, which will reach their logical termination at some time in the ftiture, so that the injun,' to health of such a meddling with natural conditions can never be de- Icrmiucd, The Fifth District Medical Society of the Medical Asso- ciation of Georgia held a meeting at Douglasvillc, on Tuesday, July Kith, under the presidency of Dr. J. C. Olmsted, of .Atlanta. The programme arranged for the meeting included the following titles : The Importance of a More Careful Diagnosis by the General Practitioner. Dr. 176 NEWS ITEMS. G. H. Turner, Doiiglasville ; Use of Wire Splint for Frac- lures, Dr. T. R. Whitley, Douglasville ; The Treatment of Arthritis Deformans, Dr. Michael Order Bupropion Online Hoke, Atlanta; The Buy Bupron Sr Treatment of Typhoid Fever, Dr. J. B. Baird, Atlanta ; Report on Two Bupropion Online Cases of Double Thigh Amputation and Treatment of Shock from Such Injuries, Dr. Thomas H. Hancock, Atlanta ; The Treatment of Meningitis, Dr. R. T. Dorsej', Atlanta ; How the Registration of Nurses Would Benefit the Nurses and Physician, as Well as the Public, Mrs. A. Order Bupropion C. Hartridge, president, Association of Nurses of Georgia. Atlanta ; Inebriety : Its Classifications and Dif- ferent Forms, Dr. Willis B. Parks, Atlanta ; The Treat- ment of Empyema, Dr. C. Pelham Ward, Atlanta ; Surgical Treatment of Puerperal Infection, Dr. George H. Noble, Atlanta ; Toxic Arthritis in Children Simulating Tubercu- lous Diseases, Dr. C. R. Andrews, Atlanta ; My Experience with* Treatment of Floating Kidney, Dr. J. McFadden Gaston, Atlanta ; Infantile Remittent Fever, Known Also as Infantile Typhoid or Worm Fever of Infants, Dr. S. W. Everett, AlmDn ; Nephropexia and Renal Decapsulation ; Indications, Limitations, and Technique, Dr. R. R. Kime, Atlanta ; Treatment of Pneumonia, Dr. C. M. Curtis, Col- lege Park; What Class of Applicants Should Not be Ad- mitted Into Life Insurance Companies, Dr. W. S. Kendrick, Atlanta ; Exhibition of Animals After Removal of Cere- bellum and Remarks on Function of Cerebellum, Dr. Stewart R. Roberts, Atlanta ; Surgery of the Upper Ab- domen in the i\Iayo Clinic, Dr. E. G. Jones, Atlanta ; Sim- plification of the Anatomy of the Peritonaeum, Dr. Cheap Bupropion W. B. Armstrong. Atlanta ; Should the Appendix be Removed in all Cases Where tlie Abdomen is Opened for Other Causes, Dr. L. C. Fischer, .Atlanta ; Appendicitis in Childhood, Dr. Marion McH. Hull, Atlanta; Exhibition of the Heart Valves, Dr. Claude Smith, Atlanta ; Erection From Dry Urethritis, Dr. James L. Long, Monroe. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Dr. T. R. Whitley. Douglasville; vice-president. Dr. E. G. Jones, Atlanta ; secretary and treasurer. Dr. J. Ross Simpson. Atlanta. Infectious Diseases in New York: IVe Bupron Sr Tablets are indebted to the Bureau of Records of the Health De/>art)>ieiit for the folloiving statement of new cases and deaths reported for the two weeks ending July so, 19O/: , July 20. V , July 13. , Cases. Generic Bupropion Deaths. Cases. Deaths. Typhoid fever 54 49 12 Smallpox Varicella 44 37 Measles 414 24 Buy Bupropion 514 29 Scarlet fever 2.'i] 14 274 lo Purchase Bupropion Online Whooping cough 32 6 3.") 5 Diphtheria 304 29 361 31 Tuberculosis pulmonalis 308 152 413 170 Cerebrospinal meningitis 13 12 16 9 Totals .1.400 246 1.699 271

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