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tial different from that of similar tissues in other parts Cardura Bph of the body. The same phenomena of de- velopment maturity and atrophy pertain here as elsewhere, and the same aetiological factors should be operative here as in other localities, Cardura E10p Msds where fibromata are more commonly Cardura E10p found. The tumOrs described by the writers to whose articles Cardura Vs Flomax I have had access, range from small ses- sile circumscribed growths, in some cases partak- ing of the nature of elephantiasis, to very large pedunculated masses, reaching in one case (Holz- man), from the right labium majus to the knee, and weighing 6,850 grammes. Most of the tumors reported, however, were small, ranging from the size of a walnut to that of a goose egg. In two cases the age of the patient ranged from 35 to 52 * Read before the Michigan State Medical Society, at Detroit, .Tune 8, 1903. years ; in three cases the age was from 22 to 28, and one case was reported in a girl of 18 years. With one exception the patients were married Cardura Tablets and had borne children. In six cases the growth originated from the right labium majus; in eight, from the left labium majus; in one, from the left labium minus; and in Cardura N10 one, from the right labium Cardura 10 Mg minus. In two cases the location of the growth was not noted. In nine cases the tumors were pedunculated. The duration of the growth varied from ten months to nine years, all but one, how- ever, having endured for more than four years. Pathologically there were 5 fibromata dura, 3 fibromata mollia. 6 fibromyomata, 2 fibromyxo- mata, and 2 C3'Stofibromata. Of these two were so closely upon the border line of sarcoma, that the diagnosis was doubtful. In two of the cases reported, ulcerative changes had occurred in Buy Cardura Online the skin. The history of these Cardura 1 Mg cases had no apparent bearing upon the condition of which the patient complained. Surgical relief was sought because the growths were inconvenient by reason of their location. In several cases the history states that at the time of menstruation the growths became congested, and in some instances quite swollen and painful. The case which I wish to report was admitted to the University Hospital Cardura E10 August 25, 1902. The patient was an American, 42 years old. She had been married twenty-one years, and had had Cardura Online four children and three induced abortions. Aside from the Cardura Classification local trouble the history was oth- erwise negative. The patient first noticed a growth upon the vulva eighteen years ago. This growth, the size of a bean, was situated in the upper third of the left labium majus. The lump rapidly grew to the size of a walnut. It remained thus for six Purchase Cardura years when it was removed. Six years later the patient noticed another growth similar to the first one. but situated lower down in the lower portion of the left labium majus. Five years later, Cardura 6 Mg one year ago. two smaller growths Flomax Vs Cardura appeared, one immediately above the one just described, and the other still higher up, in the upper Order Cardura portion Cardura For Bph of the labium majus. just to the left of the clitoris, in about the same position as the original growth which had been removed. These tumors gave no symptoms other than those of annoyance by reason of their position. The last two growths developed more rapidly than Cheap Cardura either of the others. Examination showed the growths located as described. The upper, as large as a hickory nut, apparent!}' developing from scar tissue, pre- sented a median furrow and was fixed. The mid- dle nodule, a little larger, was slightly movable, non-sensitive, and rather soft. Cardura Generic Name It was smooth, well outlined, and seemed to be connected with February 18, 1905.] BURR: FIBROMATA OF THE VULVA. 341 the larger mass below. The third growth, the lowest, was the size of a large walnut. It was firm, somewhat bosselated, and non-sensitive. All three of these tumors seemed to have their origin in the tissues of the labium majus, but the lower two encroached somewhat upon the labium minus and the perinseum. The pelvic organs were practically normal. The patient was operated upon August 26,

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