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are moderate variations in the thickness, THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. July 20, 1907. 1. Nitrous O.xid as an- Anxsthetic in Major Surgery. Chairman's Address Before the Section on Surgery and Anatomy at the Fifty-eighth Annual Session of the American celecoxib celebrex Medical Association, June, 1907. celebrex price By Arthur Dean Bevan. 2. Local Ansesthesia in General Surgery, 200mg celebrex celebrex purchase By Ja.mes F. Mitchell. 3. Prepared and Predigested coupons for celebrex Foods, By Graham Lusk. 4. Homologous Bacteria celebrex buy as a Vaccine in Tuberculosis, Preliminary Report, By .-Albert H. Allen. 5. The. cost celebrex Cause of Infantile Atrophy Deduced from a Study of Secretin in Normal and Atrophic Infants, By .A. H. Wextworth. 6. Yeast Cells as a Probable Cause of Ulcerative Keratitis. Preliminary Report, By George F. Keiter and Severance Burr.'VGE. 7. Ocular Neurasthenia, • By Hiram Woods, 8. A Protest .^gainst the Employment of Paraffin Injec- tions cost of celebrex Near the Eyes or the Use of Solid Paraffin in the Capsule of Tenon After Enucleation, with Re- port of Two Cases of Injury, By A. E. Davis. g. Premiums Paid to Experience, By Frederick T. Rogers and George W, Van Benso- celebrex online hoten, 10. Pemphigus, celebrex coupons By Joseph Zeisler. 1 1. The' Salicylates in the Treatment of Lichen Planus. Some Unusual Forms of This Affection, By M. B. Hartzelu 12. .-V celebrex 100mg Case of Benign Melanosis. celebrex 100 By J. Clark Stewart. 1,1. Personal Surgical Errors, By .-Krchirald MacLaren. 14. Modern Views on Physiology and Patliologj' of Ac- coMuuodation, By Professor Carl Hess. 15. Experimental Pathology and Surgical Treatment of Erysipelas, By Ernest Lapl.\ce, 16. Till' Sudden Appearance of .-Vpnira in the Course of Tabes Dorsalis and .-Nrtcrial Sclerosis, By C. F, Hoover, I". The Probable Demonstration of Thyreoid Secretion in the Blood in celebrex coupon Exophthalmic Goitre, By Rkid Hunt. 18. Myopia Associated with Opacities of the Cornea. By Walter L, Pvlk. 7. Ocular Neurasthenia. — Woods, of Baltimore, says that fatigue symptoms, unrelieved by refraction correc- tion, and often associated with the so called hysterical acconunodation, celebrex mg may be due to special susceptibility of the eyes to outside irritation, either physical or psychi- cal. These cases may be classified as ocular coupon for celebrex neuras- thenics, though they seldom, at least in the stage when PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. they come under the oculist's care, present symptoms of general neurasthenia. They occur 200 mg celebrex usually among in- dustrious people. It is easy to dismiss them with a diag- nosis of hysteria, but more thorough search for cause or subsequent development reveals an underlying condi- tion capable of producing an objective ocular lesion, but at the time producing symptoms which, for want of a better term, must be termed " irritative." Among these causes are unsuspected syphilis, intestinal disor- ders, hsemic and nutritive troubles, celebrex celebrex pelvic anomalies, and functional and psychical influences. The symptoms which should lead the examiner to look for such remote con- ditions are absence of ocular explanation for the symp- toms or persistence of the latter, after ocular abnormali- ties have been corrected ; hysterical accommodation, varying refractive state. There are certain ocular trou- bles which usually cause little or no annoyance, but which may direct a neurasthenic tendency eyeward. Relief of these somewhat lessens susceptibility, but only discovery of the underlying cause, with its medicinal or surgical 200 celebrex treatment, cures. The aid of workers in other what is celebrex medical fields is often essential to correct diag-

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