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nosis. Diagnosis of ocular hysteria, with celexa cost without insurance its unsatisfac- tory treatment, is justifiable only after careful search for remote causes has given negative results. 8. A Protest Against the Employment of Paraffin Injections Near the Eyes. — A. E. Davis, of New York, reports two cases, the nature of the accident in the first case is similar in character to that already reported in celexa discount card a number of instances ; that is, escape of paraffin into the tissues of the upper lid as a result of a paraffin in- jection buy cheap celexa at the root of the nose. The accident in the other case is unique. In this case, a solid ball of para- order celexa ffin had been placed within Tenon's capsule after enucleation for injury of the eyeball: in other words, the Frost or modified Mules operation was performed. The result was that a solid mass of paraffin escaped from the posterior part of Tenon's capsule into the apex of the orbit, pressed on the optic nerve, and caused marked sympathetic irritation in the fellow eye. As a result of paraffin injections to correct nasal deformities, instances of embolism of the central retinal arteries or generic celexa vs celexa thrombosis of the ophthalmic vein with loss of vision have been reported. Taking into consideration the fact celexa price comparison that sight may be destroyed, and that life itself may buy celexa be sacrificed from the injection of paraffin into the tissues to correct slight deformities, or to make the patient more comfortable, it seemed to the author worth while to call attention again to such dangers. Certainly all mishaps from the use of paraffin injections should be reported that the technique may be improved or the method abandoned if it proves unsatisfactory or too dangerous. 11. The Salicylates in the Treatment of Lichen Planus. — Hartzell states that perhaps the most gen- erally celexa prices us useful internal remedy in the treatment of lichen planus is arsenic, which, when associated with appro- priate local applications, in most cases produces im- order celexa without rx provement within a reasonable time and eventually a cure. In a not inconsideralile minority, however, ar- senic fails to exert a favorable influence on the disease, or may even aggravate it and materially increase the patient's discomfort. In these cases he has recently employed order celexa canada with more or less success the various salicy- lates. Ill- reports throe such cases. 15. Experimental Pathology and Surgical Treatment of Erysipelas. — Laplace observes that erysipelas varies in its form of attack according to the violence of the streptococcus at the time of the invasion. The recep- tivity of the patient is also an important factor. Acid media of themselves diminish the violence of the strep- tococcus. Simple alkaline medium tends to increase the virulence. Our antiseptics become more potent if the solution is acidulated. Direct contact of antiseptic solution with the streptococci in the lymphatics can be obtained by gentle order celexa online no prescription scarifications of the reddened area, and that the celexa generic cost course of the organisms can order celexa line be stopped if the scarifications are made for an inch buy celexa canada or two beyond the diseased surface, allowing the solution to arrest and destroy the organisms on their inward path. 17. The Probable Demonstration of Thyreoid Secre- tion in the Blood in Exophthalmic Goitre. — Hunt cites his results of previous experiments which demonstrated marked resistance of mice to acetronitrile when fed on small amounts of thyreoid. Further studies have shown that this is an exceedingly delicate test for thyreoid. It seemed probable that this test would throw light on the question whether there is an excess of thyreoid secretion in the blood in exophthalmic goitre ; at pres- ent the theory that there is a condition of hyperthyreoid- ism in this disease rests entirely buy celexa 40 mg on clinical evidence, and this evidence is considered insufficient by many. The author reports such a case. MEDICAL RECORD. July 20, i<)07. 1. The Clinical discount celexa Course of Gastroptosis and Its Treatment, By George Roe Lockwood. 2. On Recent Investigations of the Action of Radium on Plants and Animals, By Louis Hussakof. order celexa no prescription 2,. Sulphur Waters in the Treatment of Syphilis, By J. Dardel. 4. Early Diagnosis and Home Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, By Emmet Keating. celexa manufacturer discount program 5. Studies of Juvenile Criminals, By Arthur MacDonald. 6. Treatment of JIalaria in the Vicinity of New York City, By William Stump. 1. The Clinical Course of Gastroptosis and Its Treatment. — See Therapeutical Xotes. page 171. 3. Sulphur Waters in the Treatment of Syphilis. — Dardel says that the question at what period order celexa online of the dis-

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