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i8o PITII OF CURRENT LITIlRATURli cleocin 2 lasting hemiplegia, occasionally occurs in young adults, chiefly girls who are in feeble health. Spontaneous thrombosis is the only conceivable cause, due probably to some congenital anomaly in the arterial distribution. LANCET July 6, igoy. 1. cleocin iv Pelvic Inflammations in the Female buy cleocin t (Ingleby Lectures, ■ II),, By T. Wilson. 2. Experimental Researches in Specific Therapeutics {Har- ben Lectures, If), By P. Ehrlich. 3- Two Cases of Intermittent Hydronephrosis Treated by cleocin cream acne Operation, By W. W. Cheyne. 4- An Improved Preparation for Intramuscular Injections of Insoluble Salts of Mercury in the Treatment of Syphilis, " By F. J. Lambkin. 5. Separation of the Acetabular Epiphysis of the Femur; Its Relation to Adolescent Coxa Vara, By P. W. G. S.«iRGENT and H. A. Kisch. 6. The Opsonic Index and Agglutination in Cerebrospinal Meningitis, cleocin 600 mg By A. T.aylor. cleocin tablets 7. An Investigation of Some of the More Unusual Forms of Acute Conjunctivitis, By A. C. Hudson and P. N. Panton. 8. Important Epochs in the History of the Old School of Medicine of Paris, By H. Macnaughton- Jones. 4. Injection of Mercury in Syphilis. — Lambkin, as a result of his observations, holds that the substitution of palmitin. which is a soluble constituent of the organism, as a vehicle for the suspension of mercury in place of the_ insoluble substances hitherto in use, and the cleocin 100 mg success which has followed the use of camphorated creosote as an analgesic, begin a new era in the treatment of syphilis by intramuscular injections of unsoluble salts of mercury; for, in the first instance, one great cleocin suspension objec- tion to the treatment — i. e., the introduction of insoluble foreign bodies into the circulation — is done away with, and in the second pain has been practically abolished, even in the case cleocin suppositories of calomel. Palmitin is a neutral fat derived from palm oil, having the same chemical com- position as the palmitin of the human system. It is an ether glyceride of cleocin phosphate palmitic .acid, it is therefore easily saponified in the fluids of the organism, being converted into a soluble alkaline palmitate and glycernin; thus it enters into the circulation not as a foreign body like all other substances hitherto used as vehicles. It is nonirritant .and nontoxic; is not so easily oxidized as the other components of human fat; and its melting point can be raised and lowered with the greatest facil- ity. Pure palmitin, which is rather difficult to obtain, is a snowy white flocculent powder. The following is the formula for the injection "cream" cleocin oral used by the writer: Mercury. lo grammes (or calomel, 5 cleocin topical gel grammes) ; equal parts of absolute creosote and camphoric acid, 20 c.c. ; palmitin basis to 100 c.c. Ten minims of the above contains one grain of mercury, or one half grain of calomel. 6. The Opsonic Index in Cerebrospinal Meningitis. — Taylor has studied the opsonic index and the aggluti- native powers of the blood in eight cases of cerebro- spinal meningitis. cleocin cost She states cleocin antibiotic her conclusions as an- swers to certain questions, as follows: I. Is a high op- sonic index pathognomonic of the disease? It appears possible from cleocin topical solution these eight cases to obtain a definite op- sonic index in cerebrospinal meningitis, either work- ing with an old or young culture. A cleocin t acne high index was present in all the cases; this appears to be due to the characteristic feature that normal serum has order cleocin online scarcely any opsonic power against a young culture of the meningococcus. It is therefore probable cleocin 900 mg that a high opsonic index is pathognomonic of cleocin t pads the disease. 2. Is a high opsonic index diagnostic in all forms of menin- gococcal meningitis? A high index is not always ob- tained if different strains of organisms be used. So that a normal index does not negative the presence of the disease. 3. Will it be possible by the difference in the opsonic index or agglutination associated with it to distinguish between the various forms of menin- gococci ? The author was able thus to differentiate

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