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and floating kidney or tumor of Cozaar 100 Mg the omentum, one should get the finger up under the lower rib on the right side and have the patient take an inspiration. If the tumor ascended and descended with the respiratory- movements, the case was one of gallstones. Dr. Vander Veer, of Albany, emphasized the matter of the role of typhoid fever in the production of gall- stones. He had found typhoid bacilli ten or twelve years after the attack of typhoid fever, and always took this factor into consideration. He relatecj a case of typhoid fever in which gallstone colic developed. The patient was operated upon during the acute attack and recovered. He believed that there were certain cases that the medical man might treat successfully, but that most patients who thought that they were cured by this means were not, and finally had to be operated upon. When there was gr^at distention, he was suspicious of malignant trouble. In such cases he had done gastro- intestinal anastomosis and drained the gallbladder; and this had made the patient comfortable Cheap Cozaar for years. It was in that conditoin particularly that an exploratory in- cision was of benefit. It was very difficult to get patients to give up the be- lief that olive oil did good in some cases. He believed that the gallbladder should be allowed to drain as Cozaar Price long as it woidd, which would sometimes be as long as eight- een months or two years. If it went longer, one should July 27. 1907.] PROCEEDIXGS OF SOCIETIES. X83 reopen the wound, when a useless sac that could be dissected out would usually be discovered. Dr. Philip M.^rvel. of Atlantic City, referred to the intermediate class of cases between the very grave, de- Cozaar Mg manding immediate operation, and the very mild. These he classed as those that were complicated by other dis- eases previous to the attack and those that were com- plicated by diseases followiug the attack of gallstone infection. He asked whether in such cases it would not be better not to operate. Dr. Harris said that the reason he had not mentioned the steeplechase temperature Cozaar Cost as characteristic of the sepsis of gallstone disease was that the paper was ad- dressed to general practitioners, who usually had no facilities for taking the temperature at short enough in- tervals to Buy Cozaar Online demonstrate this sign. He thought Dr. Deaver had pretty well answered Dr. Marvel's ques- tion in reference to operating in cases Cozaar Online with complica- Online Cozaar tions. Purchase Cozaar He believed that Dr. Musser had given the gen- eral practitioner too much encouragement to employ medical treatment. The President's Address, entitled The Relations, Re- sponsibilities, and Duties of the Medical Profession. was devoted to a consideration of the following points : I. How can we elevate the standing of the medical pro- fession in the community? 2. What is its moral re- sponsibility? 3. What Buy Cozaar is its duty regarding some of the evils that threaten our body politic? His recom- mendations were: i. A four years' course, followed by a year Cozaar 25 Mg in a hospital before the degree Cost Of Cozaar was conferred, a reexamination every five years, and a comprehensive plan of postgraduate wo;-k. 2. That the members be well developed morally, with the highest ideals, and characters above reproach. 3. That the profession should use their best efforts to create a sentiment among the people against the use of liquor, and that it should report Buy Cheap Cozaar every case of abortion to the prosecuting attor- ney. Toxines and Antitoxines. — A paper thus entitled, by Dr. B. A. Waddington, of Salem, Losartan Cozaar was a comprehen- sive review of the history of our knowledge on the subject of bacteria, together with their toxines and anti- toxines, in many different diseases. He Discount Cozaar especially spoke of diphtheria antitoxine, and concluded that it was fair to assume that, as within the past generation, such mar- Cozaar 100mg velous progress had been made in establishing medi- cine on a scientific basis, ensuing generations would have a still greater inheritance to leave to posterity. How Far May the General Practitioner Employ and Benefit from Laboratory Methods of Diagnosis? Order Cozaar — This was the title of a paper by Dr. Robert X'. Will- son, of Philadelphia (to be published). The Presipent said that, while it was easy for the laboratory worker and the clinician to cooperate in the city, it had not until now seemed feasible in the rural districts. It had now. however, become absolutely nec- essary for the country doctor to avail himself of these scientific and accurate methods. The country practi- Price Of Cozaar tioner should take a postgraduate Cozaar 50mg course of study, and

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