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Marvel wished that Dr. Mitchell had gone a step fur- ther and advocated special instruction of the physicians that were made inspectors of these schools. Dr. WoRL referred to the remarks in regard to tuber- culosis made by Dr. Ploward A. Kelly, of Baltimore, at the banquet the preceding evening, and said that this disease would never be controlled until we began with the factors that created it. JMeasles carried off more children under two years of age than any other disease cytotec on line except whooping cough, and left a tendency to enlarged glands, which buy cheap cytotec were a buying cytotec fruitful source of tuberculosis. Dr. Worl did not believe that any one ought to have any disease that he could escape. No one liked to have even a simple malady. He thought that cytotec buy online there should be uniformity of practice in both city and country in regard to quarantining. He also was in favor cytotec cost of the old way of vaccinating with the scab from other human vaccinations. Dr. English explained that he had not meant to speak against isolation as part of the treatment of measles, but purchase cytotec only against quarantining for that disease in the country. Dr. Williams defended the use of cold baths in scar- let fever. He had looked up the literature very thor- oughly, where to buy cytotec and had come to the conclusion that they did good and did not increase the tendency to nephritis. Dr. De Silver said that he believed calcium sul- phide to have prophylactic powers, and had only wished to have it placed on trial. Dr. Chandler said that if quarantining would pro- tect from other diseases as it would from smallpox, he would like to have it applied to buy cytotec them ; but he would not have it done at present. In quarantining for small- pox we were pimishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty. The laws on the subject should be modi- fied. Ectt(r.s to tbc dr-bitors. BYRON ROBINSON'S THEORY OF APPENDI- CITIS. 100 -State Street, Chicago, June 22, igoj. To the cytotec cheap Editors: In the issue of the Nezv York Medi- cal Journal of June 15, 1907, Dr. John B. Deaver pub- lishes an excellent paper on Traumatism as an cytotec mg /Etio- logical Factor in Appendicitis. 1 wish to be allowed space in your journal to reply to the views advocated in Dr. Dcaver's article cytotec 200 mg — first, to exjilain the methods by 1907.] LETTERS TO THE EDITORS. 185 which muscular trauma induces appendicitis and, sec- ond, to place the credit to Byron Robinson who, thir- teen years ago — in 1894 — introduced the view to the profession that muscular trauma was the general cause of appendicitis. To the subject of psoas trauma cytotec 200mcg caus- ing appendicitis Byron Robinson has devoted a dozen years of investigation, personally inspecting the abdom- inal viscera in some 700 cytotec price autopsies. Dr. Deaver neg- lects to mention the name of the originator of the idea of " psoas trauma '" in the aetiologj' of appendicitis. The question of trauma producing appendicitis may be reduced to two factors, viz., (i) exjirinsic corporeal trauma; (2) muscular (psoas) trauma. Extrinsic cor- poreal trauma is an insignificant factor in the produc- tion of appendicitis except to exacerbate a chronic appendicitis ; hence I shall devote my cytotec 400 mg remarks to the online cytotec chief extensive factor of muscular trauma inducing appendicitis. Whether the psoas trauma produces ap- pendicitis by means of mesoappendicitis is not proved by merely theorizing, but is capable of demonstrative proof, both in the living and in the dead subject. Also by causal cytotec order relations the proof that trauma of the psoas produces appendicitis is evident. Byron Robinson main- tains in substance in his writing that trauma of the psoas muscle causes mesoappendicitis, peritoneal exu- dates, cytotec 200 mcg cicatrices, by inducing pathogenic bacteria to migrate through the endoappendix, through the myo- appendix and periappendi.x (ending in mesoappendi- citis), which by organization and distorted cicatricial con- traction compromises the lumen and parietes of the meso- appendicular vessels and dislocates, fixes, flexes online pharmacy cytotec the ap- pendix, obstructing appendicular drainage — ending in perforation. The mesoappendicular cicatricial contrac- tions compromises the order cytotec online appendicular physiology, function (sensation, peristalsis, absorption, secretion), and con- sequently decrease appendicular nourishment. The

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