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By George L. Peabody, M. D.. New York. Dulcolax Suppositories The chief points of interest in this case relate to the unusual sites at which metastatic deposits were found. The organ primarily affected was the right breast. There were numerous metastases in situa- tions where they are common enough, such as tlie lung, kidneys, thyreoid, and suprarenals ; but in my experience it is so uncommon to find microscopic deposits of carcinoma in the pia of brain and cord and in peripheral nerves that I have felt justified in reporting the case. These deposits in Laxatives Dulcolax the meninges were at the au- topsy all absolutely invisible to the naked eye, and for the most part were discovered only by a general microscopical search for them. Only one of those found in the peripheral nerves caused a change in the appearance which the naked eye could detect, and that was a slight Dulcolax Products bulbous enlargement of a trunk nerve of the cauda equina. Possibly they might be found in the pia more fre- quently in similar cases if they were systematically looked for. even where gross appearances give no suspicion of their presence. Case. — The patient was a woman, forty-three years of age, who came under my care in the Dulcolax Printable Coupon New York Hospital on January 5, 1907, and died there three weeks later. She was a Hungarian. Her family history was unimportant. She said her neck What Is Dulcolax Tablets had always been " swollen," Dulcolax Usa but that she had never suffered from palpi- tation or dyspnoea, and that her eyes had never been prominent. .She had always considered herself " ner- vous." Her right breast had been removed four years ago, beca'isc there were firm nodules in it wiiich were presumably cancerous. Dulcolax Coupon Since the operation she had not been troubled by any symptoms whicii siie referred to the disease of the breast. Eight or ten years ago Buy Dulcolax her right tube and ovary were removed for some cause of whicli she seemed to be ignorant. She had borne Suppository Dulcolax three rliildren Bisacodyl Dulcolax ; of these one had died; the youngest was four months of age. She had been accustomed to coffee, tea. and beer in moderation, and had used no other form of alcohol. The illness for whose relief she had eiucrcd the hos- pital haail iK'fc.rc Ilic .Vminclxtlnn of .\mprlcnn I'liyglctani. in the muscles and in the bones. They came first in the right leg, then in the left leg. the siuall of the back, the shoulders, and elsewhere. There had never been any definite joint pain or joint swellings. The pain had not at first been permanent, but had skipped about from place to place. Her general health soon began to Printable Dulcolax Coupons Dulcolax Balance Coupon suiter: her appetite failed, and the pain became severer. Then she became so weak that she had spent most of the time in bed during the three Dulcolax Powder weeks previous to her admission. She did not think that she had had much fever, but at night she had perspired very freely, especially about the head. She Dulcolax Generic had never had sore throat. Three weeks before admission she had had a chill, which lasted ten minutes, and had been followed, she thought, by fever. Her bowels had become con- stipated. She had had no cough. Of late her urine had increased very much in amount, and with this had come thirst. Occasionally her head had ached. There had been no eye symptoms and no ixdema of ankles. Her chief complaint on admission related to the severe and general pains, chiefly in her lower extremities, and not involving the joints. Physical examination showed a woman of large frame, fairly nourished, with areas of pigment in the upper third anterior chest wall. Her eyes were promi- nent : von Graefe's and Stellwag's signs were absent. Pupils were normal. Her neck showed a nearly sjTn- metrical. elastic, and very obvious enlargement of the thyreoid. Her pulse was rapid, regular, of good size and force ; arteries were somewhat thickened. Her chest showed the scar of an old amputation Dulcolax Laxatives wound of the right breast, which extended into the axilla. It was soft and apparently perfectly healthy. A similar scar was seen in the abdominal wall, extending from the umbilicus to the symphysis. Results of further Dulcolax Bisacodyl exam- ination of chest and abdomen on admission were un- important. Knee jerks were absent. Beside the spon- taneous pains of which she complained there was ten- derness over the calves on deep pressure. One of the few obvious facts in regard to her related to her urine. This, as long Dulcolax 10 Mg as it Generic For Dulcolax could be measured, namely, lor two weeks, was always increased in amount, and sometimes very greatly increased. It fluctuated l
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