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of wood wrapped with gauze was used. One interesting feature of the case was that the mania terminated each time in a convulsive seizure with a sensation of falling. The pulse v.-as rapid and soft, except during the convul- sions, when it was slower and full. The urine was voided involuntarily during the epileptic at- tacks. Five weeks after this illness the patient moved to a distant place and was lost sight of, but dur- ing that time she had no more seizures and seemed to be in normal health. The treatment consisted in the administration of sulphate of morphine hypodermically in J-4 grain doses, chloral in starch water per rectum, and the use of the ice cap and small amounts of liquid nourishment at frequent intervals. How to Cook Rice. — Physicians and others who have eaten rice cooked by a Hindoo, a China- hydrochlorothiazide mg man, buy hydrochlorothiazide or a Southern darky, must have remarked the difference between the results obtained by these artists and those of the benighted cooks of the North. We learn from an authoritative source that the secret lies in the following recipe: The rice should be carefully washed and placed in a kettle of boiling water, which should be set on the back of the range over a low fire, where the rice should simmer slowly until done. Stirring is not only use- less but harmful. If there is any water left, it should be drained off carefully and the rice should esidrix or zaroxolyn then stand in a hot place for some time. buy esidrix Nothing should be added during the cooking ; no salt, sugar, milk, or butter. If the cooking has been done properly, each grain of rice will stand out by itself, plump, dry, and beautiful. Served very hot at the table the rice should then be reverently treated with purchase hydrochlorothiazide cayenne pepper and butter, after which will be re- vealed to the consumer one of the esidrix 25 mg secrets of the success of the Japanese army. February i8, 1905.] THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. 343 REPORT OF A CASE IN WHICH A BUL- LET CAUSED NINE PERFORATIONS OF BOWELS: OPERATION AND RECOVERY. By J. B. BOUCHER, M. D., HARTFORD, CONN., SURGEON TO ST. FRANCIS'S HOSPITAL. July 4, 1904, I was called to see John R., aged 15 years, cheap hydrochlorothiazide order hydrochlorothiazide hydrochlorothiazide tablets with the following history: While celebrating the Fourth about 10 a. m. with a companion, the latter aimed at patient a revolver, supposed to contain a blank purchase hydrochlorothiazide online cartridge. The result was a perforating wound about two inches to the left of and below the umbilicus. The wound was large enough to admit a lead pencil, the skin being burnt and black in a cir- cle about buy hydrochlorothiazide online the wound. I saw the patient about 4 p. m. He had then a temperature of 103, pulse 120, extreme pain in abdomen, and the appearance of a very sick boy. I hydrochlorothiazide cost ordered his removal to St. Francis's Hospital for operation. At 6 p. m. same day, the hydrochlorothiazide online patient, having buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide been prepared, we dissected out the wound in the abdominal wall expecting to find the bullet. Removing the entire tract down to the peritonseum, we found a perforation of the latter, which was apparently not larger than a pin head. We then decided to enlarge the incision and in- vestigate further. When the abdomen was opened we found a perforation generic hydrochlorothiazide with black and burnt margins extend- ing through the omentum. This would admit the little finger. The wound was carefully dis- sected, when we found the bullet had passed through the mesentery of the small bowel, about one eighth inch below its attachment to the hydrochlorothiazide price gut. We noticed the contents of the bowels free in abdominal cavity. Examination of the Ijowels revealed nine difTerent perforations in the small intestines, order hydrochlorothiazide online three pairs where the bullet passed through both sides of the bowel and three sin- gle perforations, extending over a distance of several feet. These were repaired by turning in the bowel and using a double Lembert with silk.

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