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February, 1902, the spinal canal was opened and the posterior roots of the fifth, sixth, and seventh cervical nerves were divided. On May 15, 1905, and subsequently, there was an area on the arm and forearm insensitive to the touch with cotton wool, also an area of analgesia, the ex- tent of which is shown in the diagram. The loss of sensation is the result of division of the posterior roots. Here also the area insensitive to a prick was larger Antibiotics Keflex than that insensitive to light touch (see Fig. 8). Discrimination of two points of the compasses over the deltoid region Purchase Keflex differed but little upon the two sides, and sensation to pressure was re- tained everywhere above the wrist, but the reaction to stimulation with heat and cold was peculiar. Over the deltoid region on the affected arm she could tell the difference between 38° and 25° C, saying that the first Keflex Dose was warm, the latter cool, but she was unable to recognize any difference between ice and water at 65° C. A temperature of 20° C. was distinctly cold, but ice, in comparison, was said to be neutral. The lowest temperature lay between 15° C, which was not appreciated, and 18° C., which seemed to her cool. Her sensation of warmth ranged between 35° and 55° C. All specific sensation ceased at this temperature, and the stimulus was appreciated as a touch only. From these two cases it would seem that divi- sion of Buy Keflex several posterior roots causes a protopathic loss^ larger and more sharply defined than the epi- critic- one, 500 Keflex Mg while from my case the deduction seems ( to be warranted that section of a single posterior root produces changes in protopathic sensibility in the territory of that root, while no disorder of Keflex Dosage epi- critic sensibility is discoverable. Head, Rivers, and Sherren. from their own work and material, have complemented their conclusion by the broader generalization that, while the supply of the epicritic system is laid down in units that correspond in the upper limb with certain groups of nerves, and le- sions here Keflex 500mg Price produce well defined defects in sensation, the nearer we approach the posterior roots the less defined are the botmdaries of the area insensitive to epicritic stimuli, and the more extensive and defined is the loss to protopathic stimuli. This they sum- marize by the statement : " It would seem, then, as if each of the peripheral nerves or nerve groups formed a unit of the epicritic system ; the proto- pathic unit be sought in one or more of the posterior roots." In studying the defects of Keflex 500mg sensibility produced in the various cases in my table, we are struck by the discrepancies presented by certain sensory ex- aminations which can l)e understood with but great difificulty. if at all. Thus in Case I the sixth, seventh, and eighth cervical roots being resected, marked sensory dis- turliance was caused in regions Keflex 750 Mg supplied by the fourth and fifth roots, which were not cut : in Case Keflex Oral Suspension VI, the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth cervical, and the first dorsal roots Keflex Order having been resected, there • Loss nf nam aonse and an Inablllt.v to upproclntp nxtremcK of cold and licat. while minor rtfiirpcs arc dlRtindnlslmlilc. ' I.OKH of son'salion to I1uiki> siiimili i-r.nnnimlv cniplovfil us » tPdl for acnHlhilltv Keflex For Mrsa to tnnfh. was some insensitivcness in the part sujiplied by the fourth cervical, which was not cut. Tliis was also so in Case IV, in which the fifth, sixth, and seventh cervical roots were cut, and three years later there was, in addition to the sensory loss in the area supplied by these nerves, also in- sensitivcness to extremes of heat and cold in parts supplied by the fourth, wiiich was not cut, as Keflex Online well as in my case, in which protopathic sensibility was lost Dose Keflex over an area supplied by the fourth, which here also was left intact. It seems possible that the well known facts of recurrent sensibility in the anterior roots may cast some light upon this peculiar phenomenon ; yet if this proves to be so, Claude Bernard's statement that every anterior Keflex 1000 Mg root acquires its recurrent sen- sibility from the corresponding posterior root and not from another could no longer be maintained. Very curious also is the Keflex Purchase rapidity with whch sen- sibility returned in parts supplied by resected nerve roots in Bennett's and Prince's cases. It is out of the question to assume a reunion of the nerve roots Order Keflex Online in their cases, and Prince's explanation that " the return of sensibility must therefore be due to over- lapping nerve supply from adjoining root areas, which have become functionally more excitable," is hardly satisfactory. Keflex 250 Mg That in Case XIV the eleventh and twelfth dor- sal and the first lumbar roots were cut and sensa- tion was abolished in a territory supplied by the first, second, third, and fourth lumbar and the first and second sacral is explicable only upon the hypothesis of erroneous observation. Keflex 400 Mg

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