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Much more fruitful is the analysis of these col- lated Lamictal Discontinuation cases in regard to the influence of the root section upon the pain from which the patients suf- fered and for which the operation was undertaken. Such an analysis shows that in thirteen of the fifteen tabulated cases the result is given ; that of these thirteen patients, eight may be said to have been given complete and permanent relief, and in the five remaining ones amelioration of the pain with improvement, yet with incomplete recovery, was at- tained. It would also seem that in those cases in which merelv diminution of pain was Generic Lamictal achieved, an insuffi- cient Order Lamictal number of nerve roots had been resected, and all evidence tends to show that more than one root above and below the apparent origin of the Buy Cheap Lamictal pain should be attacked. I regret that in Lamictal Buy my case I did not advocate Lamotrigine Lamictal re- section of the fourth cervical root together with the Lamictal Online others, for I believe with Abbe that the fact that the third and fourth posterior cervical roots com- municate with the phrenic should not deter us from severing them, inasmuch as the motor function of Cheap Lamictal the phrenic can in nowise be thereby interfered with. From this analysis the conclusion seems to he warranted that as an operation for the Purchase Lamictal relief of pro- Lamictal Use tracted and intractable pain the intradural resection Purchase Lamictal Online of a sufficient number of ])osteri(ir nerve roots is one wliicli can lie advocated without reserve. References. .'\bbe, Robert. Transactions of the Neiv York Academy of Medicine. Second Series, vii. p. 287, 1891 ; Boston Mcdi- .!(/ i\itd SurOrder Lamictal Online t,2C), 1896. August :!. liluT.] BRAf: PRURITUS AXI. Bennett, William II. M cdico-Chirurgical Transactions, Ixxii. pp. 329-348. 1889. Chipault, A., and Demoulin. A. Gazette des hopitaux, 1895. p. Rash Lamictal g37; Nouvelle iconographie de la Salpetriere, viii, p. 136. 1895. Chipault, A. Gazette des hopitaux, Paris, 1897, p. 71. Chipault. A., and Demoulin. A. Travaux de Lamictal Lamotrigine neurologie chirurgicale, i. p. 234, 1896. Chipault, A. L'etat actuel de la chirurgie ncrveuse, i, p. .320. Paris, 1902. Giordano. Gazcetta dcgli ospedale e dcllc cliniche, De- cember 9. 1900. Head, Henrj- ; Rivers. \V. H. R. ; and Lamictal Mg Sherren, James. Brain, part 2, 1905. Monod, C. and Chipault. A. Bulletins ct memoires de la Socicte de chirurgie de Paris, xxiv. p. 288, 1899. Monod. C, and Chipault, A. Trafaux de la chirurgie neurologique, iv, p. 64, 1899. Oppenheim. H. Lehrbuch der N ervenkrankheiten, i, p. 580; 4th edition, Berlin, 1903. Oehler, Rudolf. Zeitschrift fitr Chirurgie, 1906. p., 142. Prince. Morton. Brain, 1901, p. 116. 44 West Seventy-second Street. .I1TIOLOGY AXn TREATMENT OF PRURITUS ANI.* Bv Herm.\n a. Brav, M. Lamictal Xr D.. Philadelphia, Pruritus ani is an exceedingly annoying affection and an extremely obstinate and Lamictal Rashes intractable disease to treat. It is characterized by persistent and Buy Lamictal Online in- tense itching at the anoperineal region, which is more or less constant, but grows worse after the patient has become warm in bed at night. Pruritus ani is met Buy Lamictal with in both men and women, and is rarely seen in children. It is found n per- sons in all walks of life, in the overfed and up.der- fed alike, but neurotic individuals and those who are stout or perspire freely are especially predis- posed to it. Pruritus ani seems to be associated in most cases with affections of the mucous lining of

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