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MBOICAL JOLllN 5. There is a similar gradual, hut slig-ht increase ill the eosinoiihilcs. It was impossible to determine how Levothroid 100 Mcg long this peculiar count remained after convalescence, be- cause as soon as the patients were well, and recov- ered strength and appetite, they were returned to duty. This was usually on the sixth or seventh day after admission, which is the reason for so few counts being made on the eighth day. As will be seen by studxing the tables, the predominance is transferred in fully half Levothroid 125 Mcg of the cases, from the poly- morphonuclear cell to the small lymphocyte as early as the second Levothroid 75 Mg day, and Order Levothroid in practically all the cases by the third day. While the large lymphocytes were often increased in the later da}s of the disease, this increase is by no means as characteristic as the increase in small lymphocytes, being present in only about half the cases, and never to the degree described by Stitt. Twenty-one per cent, was the greatest Is Levothroid Generic number of large lymphocytes encountered. The Levothroid 25 Mcg tremendous increase in the large mononuclears described by Stitt was not seen. In no experience do the large lymphocytes replace the small lymphocytes, since these latter appear to predominate in every stage of the disease. While Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine it is possible that all this discrepancy is due simply to the adoption of a different standard of classification, still these counts conform more to the results obtained by Carpenter and Sutton than to those reported by Stitt. The Levothroid 0.1 Mg increase in eosinophiles during the last three or four days of the disease is very small and Synthroid Vs Levothroid would pass unnoticed if a single count is made, but is quite perceptible in a majority of cases where counts are made during every day of the disease. Case II is of interest as showing a very variable eosinophile count ; very high one day, and very low the next. This man had no intestinal parasites, or other con- dition which would account for this peculiar varia- tion. Dengue is a disease to which little importance attaches ordinarily, yet, in certain instances and localities it becomes of extreme importance owing to its liability to confusion with other diseases, nota- bly malaria and yellow fever. Will this blood count aid in the differentiation of these diseases r Carpenter and Sutton thought the blood count a very valuable distinguishing point between dengue and malaria, Levothroid Synthroid as will be seen from their second con- clusion already quoted, and our own observations lead us to the same opinion, with the exception that we have never seen a normal ditterential count in dengue, after the first day of the disease. A series of cases was undertaken to determine whether the diagnosis could be made between malaria and dengue by the blood count alone, the results being checked up after the blood count was made, by an examination of the blood for parasites, and the clinical histories. Out of seven such test cases the diagnosis was made correctly, on the blood count alone in four cases, was incorrect in two cases, and uncertain in one Order Levothroid Online case. Thus it will be seen that while the differ- ential count is certainly an aid in diagnosticating malaria from dengue, it can not be regarded as in- fallible. On the whole it is of minor importance in the diagnosis of these diseases, since the detection of malarial parasites in a blood specimen is usually scj easy and .so certain, and Generic Levothroid especially since the cases of chronic malaria, in which the Levothroid 88 Mcg Purchase Levothroid Online ])arasite is often hard to find, arc the Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid very ones in which the leuco- penia Levothroid Generic is pronounced, and the differential count most closely approximates that of dengue. However, if the blood of a doubtful case is counted daily, for three days, beginning with the day on which the illness commenced, it is probable that the diagnosis of Levothroid Vs Synthroid dengue coull always be made with certainty, for, as far as we know, in no other di.sease is there such a rapid reversal of the i)redomi- nance of polymorphonuclears over small lympho- ' cytes which is characteristic of a normal count. In other diseases that simulate dengue, the re- versal would already have taken place when the count was made, but in dengue, if the count is made on the first day, it is possible to watch the normal count change to the peculiar one of dengue. Differentia} diai^nosis between dengue and yel- lozv fever: This is a subject of acute interest an- nually in our southern States and, while the writer I'.as never seen a case of yellow fever, the little infor- mation obtainable on the subject of the blood count in yellow fever would seem to indicate that a marked difference Levothroid 100 Mg exists in Levoxyl Vs Levothroid this respect between it and

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