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In discussing this matter with a representative of the lisinopril hctz 12.5 mg A^ezv York Medical Journal, Dr. Darlington said that he appreciated fully the able, honest, and efficient cooperation which he received from the professional members of his staff, and that he regretted that the newspaper reports might tend to create an impression that he was in antagonism order lisinopril to these men, to whom the department was so greatly indebted, but notwithstanding the effi- ciency of these professional assistants, Dr. Dar- lington was pronounced in his antagonism to the present method of selection which was imposed upon him by the Civil Service Commission. The New York Times, in commenting on this incident, says: "As to the exemption from competition of the cheap lisinopril inspector whom Dr. Darlington desires, it would seem that the doctor's friend ought to be able with his ability, training, and experience to get to the head of any reasonable eligible list." Whatever saving- grace there mav be in the word February i8, 1905.] lisinopril 5 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 345 " reasonable," we doubt if the admirable Crichton himself could get to the head of such a list; more- over, we hope never to see the day when a man whose services are sought for will so far lower himself as to submit to a competitive examina- tion at the hands of a civil service commission. STERILITY AND THE X RAY. It would have been amazing if online lisinopril there had not come up something more serious than burns to check what may be called the triumphal prog- ress of the Rontgen rays in medicine. That some- thing seems at last to have been encountered, at least if there is final truth in what has recently been put forward concerning the influence of the rays upon the sexual glands. They are said to destroy the power of the testicles to elaborate potent spermatozooids and that of the ovaries to produce ovules susceptible of fertilization. In other words, they blot out the reproductive power in an individual, male or female, whose sexual glands come under their influence. Whether 'this blasting effect is lasting or only temporary does not appear to have been settled as yet, even if we may set it down as absolutely established that it occurs at all lisinopril 10mg in the great majority of cases. At all hctz 12.5 lisinopril events the impression that exposure of the testicles or ovaries to the action of the Ront- gen rays is destructive of purchase lisinopril their procreative func- lisinopril buy tion has to a great extent taken possession of medical men, and it is sure to spread to the laity. What is to be the result? As regards the tes- ticles, probably it will be of little consequence. In the case of the ovaries, however, fear of in- juring their power of ovulation, both on the lisinopril 10 lisinopril 40 mg part, of the physician and lisinopril 20mg on that of the lisinopril 20 patient, seems likely to interfere materially with the availability of the rays for diagnostic purposes so far as the pelvic contents in women are concerned. More- over, this dread may work moral disaster, for we fear it cannot be doubted that there is many a woman who would eagerl}' destroy within herself the potentiality of maternity if she thought she could accomplish her object b}' so simple an ex- pedient as exposure to a subtle agency that would not give her pain or lisinopril 5 mg endanger her life or leave upon her a physical stigma that would lay her open to the suspicion of having resorted to such an unworthy device. On these accounts it is to lisinopril 12.5 mg be hoped that our lisinopril 10 mg present impression of the dan- ger to fertility of exposing the sexual glands to the action of the Rontgen rays may prove to have been hastily formed. VARICOCELE IN SOLDIERS. A discussion has arisen among some of the medical officers of the British army as to the ex- tent to which varicocele may properly be con- sidered as a bar to the enlistment of an other- wise acceptable recruit. It seems that the regu- lations governing recruiting allow of the accept- ance of a young man who is the subject of vari- cocele, provided the varicose condition is of mod- erate (but not precisely indicated) degree. Vari- cocele is so common in young rnen, so rarely gives rise to lisinopril 12.5 serious trouble, and not infrequently lisinopril hctz 20 be- comes so unproductive o^ symptoms as middle age is approached that 20 mg lisinopril a priori we should be in- clined to regard its existence in a healthy young

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