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man as constituting at most no more than a mini- mum objection to the man as a recruit. ■ One of the contributors to Micardis Telmisartan 80 Mg the discussion, as it has thus far been published in the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps for February, is Captain Robert J. Blackham, who may Micardis Plus 80 Mg be pre- sumed to have considered the disease Micardis Plus 40 Mg with excep- tional carefulness, as he states that his own ad- mission into the army was made conditional on his undergoing an operation for its cure; and it seems to us that the conclusions he has arrived at with regard to its being a bar to military serv- ice are mainly such as are supported by general observation. Varicocele, says Captain Micardis 40 Mg Price Blackham, works a disability from which the patient may recover spontaneously, but it generally becomes aggravated until middle age is reached. It is often the cause of intense neuralgia, and some- times Micardis Substitute produces profound depression of spirits and other nervous symptoms. Therefore it is right to look upon it as a bar to enlistment, though it is almost always curable by nreans of a simple oper- ation. Illogical as it may seem, his implied ad- vice to accept the subjects of varicocele for en- listment and then submit them to a curative oper- ation in a military hospital — illogical, that is to say, on the ground that a technically unallowable enlistment must be allowed before recourse to the 346 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. N. 1'. Med. Joue. and Phila. Med. Journal. military hospital becomes possible — seems worthy of being followed. " Likely recruits," he says, " whose only bar to enlistment is a moderate de- gree of varicocele might be passed into the serv- ice on the understanding that they submit to an operation as soon as possible after enlistment." If such an understanding is susceptible of enforce- ment, we see no objection to it. THE TEACHING OF THE HISTORY OF MEDI- CINE. It will, I believe, be admitted Micardis Generic Equivalent that the average physician of to-day, although he knows much more about disease and is far better equipped to treat human maladies, is possessed of much less culture and refinement, and occupies a position much lower in the regard and esteem of his fellow citizens, than Micardis Telmisartan 40 Mg the physician of fifty or a hundred years ago. This condition of affairs i& largely due to the tendencies of modem education. There is a very general move- ment toward abbreviating the so called undergrad- uate studies of students, who seek a medical educa- tion, in order that more and more time may be given to strictly professional Generic For Micardis Hct work. It seems to be taken for granted by those in charge of general educa- tional affairs that it is important to make it easier for a young man to acquire a medical education, and the natural Micardis 80 Mg Price result of this will be that more and more of the young men of the future Micardis Mycard will take up the study of medicine. Were there a dearth of Buy Micardis Hct physicians in our communities there might be some reason for encouraging yo^ng men to study medi- cine, but there being, as is well known, many more physicians in nearly all of our communities than are needed, it seems to me that a medical education should be made more difficult instead of easier to obtain. Generic Micardis Hct I believe, too, that we should have Micardis Plus 80 12.5 Mg better physicians and that our profession would stand higher in the public esteem if more attention were given to the study of those subjects which make for the general culture of the individual, not only in undergraduate life, -but during the years of pro- fessional training as well. It is true that the horizon of medicine is constantly widening and that the hours of medical study are lengthening and becom- ing more and more crowded with the new details of anatomy, pathology, diagnosis, and Micardis Plus 80 25 Mg treatment which he must nfiaster. These facts, however, do not seem to me to be good reasons for shortening either the term of preliminary education or the term of medi- Micardis Mycard Program cal education, but rather, in view of all the facts, I should consider them good reasons for lengthening both terms. Micardis Alternatives True, if we make it more expensive and more difficult to obtain a medical education, we shall have fewer aspirants for the medical degree. This, is seems to me, would Micardis Hct Generic be a more desirable condition of affairs than exists Is There A Generic For Micardis at the present time. We need to educate fewer physicians and Micardis Hct 40mg 12.5mg we need to educate them more broadly and better. It is not sufficient for our medical schools to turn out men

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