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3. Richard C. Cabot. Clinical Examination of the generic neurontin available Blood. 4th edition, page 62. 4. Ibidem, page 253. 5. Guiteras. Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences, 1904, viii, page 594. Article on Yellow Fever. 6. ■ Guiteras and Cartaya. Rcvistu de Mcdicimi Tropical, March and April, 1906. THE PRESENT STATUS OF THE METHODS OF PHYSICAL THERAPEUTICS And their Importance for Medical Schools and Practis- ing Physicians. By Heinrich F. Wolf, M. D., Philadelphia, Formerly Assistant to Professor Wintemitz, of Vienna. The methods of physical therapeutics are all orig- inally empirical, and if reasons have alwavs been advanced for the virtue of these forms of treatment, they were really more in the way of excuses than true reasons. Although this method of treatment has been used since time immemorial, it has only developed immensely in the nineteenth centurv. " The mode of Nature's treatment has been and still is a catchword which always attracts people, and great hosts of sick flocked to the quacks who used this treatment. In this fact may be found the cause that the medical schools have been so long adverse to acknowledging the neurontin discount card methods of physicaftherapeutics, although a neurontin 300 mg for nerve pain real basis had been found for the treat- ment. But circumstances have been changed. Dr. Winternitz, of Vienna, and Dr. Brieger, of Berlin, are chiefs of hydrotherapeutical departments of uni- versities ; generic neurontin 300mg Zabludowsky taught massage at the Uni- versity of Berlin ; Bum at the University of Vienna, etc. America also has assisted to build up hydro- theraputics (Baruch, Kellogg, and others). It is my intention in the following pages to prove that the methods of physical therapeutics have out- grown the empirical stale, that there exists a physio- logical basis for its use, that only a thorough knowl- edge of the physiological effect and of the patho- logical state can assure a successful treatment. I am fully aware that by this statement I place myself into neurontin 600 mg high a certain opposition to a few scientists of note, as, for example, to Matthes who has carefully re- viewed in his book the foundations of hydrotherapy, neurontin price increase and has by doing so created many new problems. It must be admitted that at present we do not know anything about the causative factors of the reaction, the setiology of hyperaemia in- duced by a long continued frigidity. The exact causes are still neurontin 800mg unknown. On the other hand, there exists no drug the pharmacodynamics of which would make unnecessary all further neurontin 200 mg researches. .Vccording to the perception of leading philosophists it is the problem of science to describe as minutely as possible the processes. The physiological re- searches in the field of physical therapeutics have accomplished enough to show the road to the goal. If hydrotherapy is only an empirical method, all our pathological knowledge will be useless ; as it is a well known fact that similar diseases neurontin discounts will have to be treated by absolutely contrary neurontin price methods, and if we did not possess sure and safe guiding points all our endeavors would only be a groping in the dark on account of the neurontin price streets variety of conditions. It is well established that cold water produces a more or less severe contraction of the vessels of the epidermis, depending neurontin prices generic on the duration of the appli- cation, and that this phenomenon has as sequel en- largement of the vessels of the epidermis, that is, very pronounced and variable according to the mode of generic neurontin solution application. Furthermore, we know that this reaction, so desired in most cases, will fail under certain conditions. It is known that cold irritations do not only affect the epidermis through direct or reflect generic neurontin gabapentin action, but also exert a strong reflectory effect upon the internal organs and the blood pressures. Strasser and I have demonstrated in our onco- metrical experiments that spleen and neurontin price comparison kidney con- tract very much through applications of cold irrita- tion neurontin 300 mg pain of the epidermis. But we could also see that a kidney which had been irritated and had lost its tone by being placed in the oncometer, did not con- tract upon any irritation, but was only passively dilated by increased blood pressure. This fact can- not be enough emphasized. The literature treating the influence of thermic irritations, long distance effects, etc., can hardly be reviewed in its entirety neurontin mg ; the results are mostly so heterogenous because this fact is not taken into consideration. The organism of highly developed animals is a function complex so full of innumerable varieties, that to accomplish anything we are forced to accept certain neurontin price without insurance varieties as constant, which in reality is not the case. We can generic neurontin manufacturers only therefore have unanimity among the scientists if we take into consideration the possibility and probal^ility of this inconsistency.

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