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We know also that cold irritations increase me- tabolism, not only temporarily, but permanently. The thermic irritations have the one point in com- mon with all other irritations that they stimulate in mild form, but paralyze in the strongest grade. They influence the nerves intensively, like every other irritation, and can be of benefit in a case where assimilation and dissimilation are generic equivalent of nexium normal, but they can l)ecome detrimental in cases where the what is generic for nexium power of resistance has been diminished is there a generic nexium through sickness, and where a somewhat stronger irritation demands increase of labor, as, for example, in tabes dorsalis, progressing paralysis, and some forms of hysteria. The cold irritation influences the heart labor by generic version of nexium reflex action, demands a stronger execution, and strengthens the heart by exercise. The great varia- tion of thermic therapy not only in temperature, but as well in size of the attacked field, allows the use of August o, lltuT.] WOLF: METHODS OF PHYSICAL THERAPEUTICS. 207 this irritation, even if the heart is much weakened. The cold rubber tube has even been designated by Dr. Winternitz as the hydrotherapeutical digitalis. We are acquainted with the strong reflex effect of the cold irritations upon the blood circulation in the brain, the movement of the gut. Heat enlarges the vessels, temporarily or permanently, according to the duration of the application, it quietens the nervous system in medium strength, excites it in full strength. Humid and dry heat influences re- sorption and inflammation processes, probably by what is the generic name for nexium causing hypersemia. Hot baths have beneficent in- fluence, so far not explained, upon chlorosis and uncomplicated anaemia. [ am well aware that many problems await expla- nation and solution. But I wish to state that our material, collected from physiological facts, is enough to is there a generic for nexium show us tlie right way to gain our goal, i. e., to find the treatment which will cure. But what I have nexium 40 mg generic said so far proves, on the other hand, the necessity of instituting thorough researches so that this form of therapeutics may become bene- ficial. It is, furthermore, necessary to insist that hydrotherapy which can do as much if not more harm than anv other treatment by drugs, is not per- scribed by laymen. The technics will certainly al- ways remain in generic form of nexium the hands of laymen, but it is the duty of the physician to give exact directions, i. e.. to designate the exact mode of treatment, and not to be vague in his statements, such as, a pacifying remedy, etc. It is, furthermore, absolutely neces- sary to examine the patient after the administration of the first treatment, to find out the grade of re- action, and if necessary to change the mode of procedure. This is important in the treatment of heart diseases, as one cannot foresee whether the .api)lication will be too order nexium samples strong or too weak. Entirely left to the practice of the generic for nexium 40 mg physician will always be Bier's method generic name for nexium of hyperemia. Bier him- self continuously points out the difficulty of the technics. Any one who will compare Bier's results with the results of his critics must believe Bier on accoimt of 80 mg nexium the merits of his work when he states that these poor results only follow wrongly exe- cuted technics. Others have acknowledged that they were only successful after when does nexium go generic having studied Bier's method at does nexium have a generic Bonn. I can state from my own experi- ence how difficult it is to place a bandage properly so as to find the exact minute line between neces- sary and too strong hyper.-emia. We can convince our.selves of the necessity of the general use of Bier's method when we observe the results of generic brand for nexium the ambu- latory treatnunt of tuborculnus joint diseases, what is the generic for nexium a treatiiK-nt projiosed by Tillmanns and so well exe- cuted by I'lier, or the splendid results in infected woimds and their se(|uel.T. As this method should be known to every physician it follows that it should l)e taught to the students. The same refers to the iither methods of prixlucing active or ]i,issive hyper- .xmia. The eye views a new world, new pmlilems rise which have to I)c solved and which will in turn pro- duce others. It would lead me too far if I should go into details. I wish therefore to refer the reader to my pajHT on .Artificial Hyper.emia, read be- fore when will nexium become generic the Xortliern Medical .Xssociatinn of I'hiladel- phia. March ;?2. kjo". and iniblished in the .Vrtv' ]'(irh Mrtlittil Jiiunuil iii W.n .\. ion- Massage plays an important role among the phys- ical therapeutics, but this form of treatment is entirely left to the buy generic nexium layman. Nothing can be said nexium dosage 80 mg

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