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against the method of typical tnassage. provided it consists in using certain technics, such as general massage, obstipation massage, etc. There is hardly a change or a special indication of position. Besides the extraordinary importance of massage as Buy Nitroglycerin a form of treatment stands in a poor contrast to the rela- tively few problems which may arise. But I have ' referred to the great diagnostical importance of mas- sage in two of my essays.^ As an example. Order Nitroglycerin I wish to give the history of a case treated by me at the \'ienna General Hospital : A woman was referred to me for massage treat- ment of the muscles of the neck for supposed muscular rheumatism. After two seances I refused to continue the treatment, as I saw from the results that the patient did not suffer from rheumatism. A short time after- wards the case was diagnosticated as pachymeningitis hypertrophica, which diagnosis was later confirmed by the autopsy. I have Spray Nitroglycerin observed many such cases. As the phy- sicians Buy Cheap Nitroglycerin do not perform the massage themselves, it is impossible for them to correct, if necessary, their diagnosis. It is therefore my opinion that massage should be done by the physician himself Buy Nitroglycerin Online in all cases which show specific chronic pathological inflamma- tion, such as neuralgia. The physician will have to decide in each of his cases whether the massage treatment can be given by a masseur. But to do this it is necessary that the Nitroglycerin Tablet physician should not only be acquainted with the technics, but must also know what results he may expect. But the diagnostic im- portance is also not to be overlooked. There are other very important branches of phys- ical therapeutics, so the several modes of therapeu- tical gymnastics, either bv hand or by machine, the I'^enkel-Goldscheider walking exercises in tabes dorsalis, the hot air treatment, etc. These methods are all more or less mechanical, and the execution can be entirely left with a well schooled nurse, with the exception of the treatment of heart dis- eases. But T again wish to emphasize that the phy- sician should always give strict instructions. I cannot close my paper without saying a few words about the psychology of the so called artists of Nature cures. .As long as there arc diseases which are incurable and as long as there are tlis- eases the diagnosis and treatments of which are difficult, there will he quacks. It is impossible to Nitroglycerin Sublingual pass laws which will hurt their business or remove Ntg Nitroglycerin them Nitroglycerin Sl entirely. To perform abortion or have it per- formed upon one's self is severely punishable by law, but still it can be done if money is in the case. .•\nd still it should be remembered Nitroglycerin Cream that to give birth to a child is usually not so dangerous as a real severe sickness. .\ny one who would order from a shoe- maker a suit of clothes would he looked upver stc]) the limits of his daily ex]iericnce. Nitroglycerin Buy will 1)0 • nio (llnKnnxtliK'hp ncdoutMni: ilcr I«rlilni>mas8n(t. n'Onrr nil illzlnlKrhr WiirhiHurliiitl. I'l'lior loknltslrrte KrkrnnkunK vrn .Miiiiki'Iniiiiittiirii. Ihiih m. 2o8 MJXOR: Nitroglycerin Spray liYES Iv Nitroglycerin OF SCHOOL CHILDRLX. only too Nitroglycerin Iv apt to consider everything simple; lie be- lieves that there exists no problems, because none occur to him. Most of the laymen are not embar- rassed if it becomes necessary to designate a cause for a bodily Sl Nitroglycerin condition. They are not burdened with too great a knowledge of anatomy and physiology. They Sublingual Nitroglycerin believe therefore any man who will explain to them tht nature of a disease in a manner compre- hensible to them. In all these cases it will l)e im- ' possible for a physician to Nitroglycerin 2 convince the patient of the ignorance of the quack; the patient can only comprehend the reasoning of the q_uack. I shall refer only to the movement against vaccination. Be- sides, there is the catchword Nature, so often rightly and so often wrongly used. Nature indeed cures, but every physician knows that Nature must be frequently stirred up by certain irritants to do its work. Many laymen think, that everything that exists in Nature must possess the power of healing, because Nature does cure, so for example, water, herbs, etc. The layman will not hesitate to use herbs, but they must not have been prepared for their use by the apothecary ; neitlier will he touch the pure drugs, produced by the chemist from Nitroglycerin Tablets herbs. All that is latin concoction. He will salt his soup with sodium chloride, as he has always done, but he classifies sodium iodide as a poison, Nitroglycerin Mg when pre- scribed for him by a physician. Everything pre- scribed by a physician is poison in some laymen's

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