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opinion ; they do not know that the only correct definition of poison, comprising the sul:>ject in its entirety, is given by Kobert : " Poison is evervthing that is harmful." These sick people are confirmed in their believe in the special abilities of the Nature curists through the positive successes of these men. Nobody knows how successful these curists are, as they are prudent enough to conceal their failures. Such successes have had Kneipp, Kiihne, and the other apostles of the Nature cure. America has a special kind of Nature curists, the osteopaths, but i do not think that their success can be doubted in many cases. In the last few years a small number of physicians have repeatedly declared that some disease symptoms radiate from painful points of pressure of the body. Quite a number of cases of nervous excitations are thus created. There are also many patients who call upon a num- ber of physicians to be treated for an imaginary heart disease. They suffer from severe pain in the heart region which is sometimes so intense that it prevents them from walking. All kinds of method of examination are called into action, and the phy- sicians declare that the heart is well, but still the patient does not lose his pain. Such conditions usually depend upon the before mentioned points of pain, and massage treatment dispels these pains and inconveniences. I have observed a few such patients and have cured them. In the same manner Buy Nizagara Online intestinal maladies can thus be simulated. Such ob- servations are of great import for the praxis. The osteopaths know this, and have therefore been able to cure these patients through massage, although they are opposed to have their methocl called mas- sage. We therefore come to the conclusion that it is the duty of the physician to become acf|uainted with the methods and the results of physical treatment, lie must know what can be expected from these methods and must use them, lie also must be aijle to give exact directions for the manipulations, in- stead of leaving it to the judgment of the bathing attendant or masseur. There has been pointed out in .\ustria and I ier- many, for some time, the necessity of a liydrothcra- peutical clinic, and especially my teacher, Wintcr- nitz, has repeatedly, although in vain, voiced his opinion. At the University of Vienna and at some universities of Geriiiany are facultative lectures on hydrotherapeutics and massage, but the student is not (jbligcd to hear them, and only very few of the students find an interest in them. This branch of medicine has to wait till the students become ])rac- tising physicians. Physical therapeutics is hardly anywhere taught in a clinic. The before mentioned necessity to establish a hy- drotherapeutical clinic may not be generally ac- knowledged. It is true, hydrotherapeutics is only a method of treatment similar to every other treat- ment, and although it necessitates a specific study, it is only a part of clinical therapeutics which will often fail without medical treatment. But this one point is a positive one that hydrotherapeutics ahd the other related methods should be taught at the medical schools as well as pharmacology, and may be this branch should, be taught even more thor- oughly ; every physician is able to write a more or less Buy Nizagara correct prescription for a certain malady, but only the experienced one Order Nizagara can give correct directions for a hydrotherapeutical treatment. The students should have occasion to learn this armamentarium of the methods of physical Nizagara Tablets treatment. The United States universities, with their pecu- liar organization in medical education, would be in a position to take a leading part in this question. Each medical school should have a department in which all branches of physical therapeutics are rep- resented, as in Rome. The students of the third or four year should be obliged to attend Nizagara Online the clinic of this department once or twice every week, and would thus be introduced theoretically and practi- cally into the substance of these methods. 1804 Green Street. EX.\M1NATI0N OF* THE EYES OF THE PUPILS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF MEMPHIS. Comparison of the Whites and Blacks. By I. L. Minor, M. D., Memphis, Tenn. At the instigation of the Board of Education, of Memphis, through the courtesy of which I am en- abled to make this report, I introduced the method which is described further on of examining the

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