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who are masters of the human machine, as a ma- chine, but we need cultured, educated physicians with a breadth of mind which will make them students of human nature as long as they live and which will enable them to stand as leaders among men. Men so educated should have Nizoral Ketoconazole a knowledge, not only of the medicine of to-day with some fore- sight into the medicine of the future, but also a knowledge of the medicine of the past and of the lives Nizoral Hair and struggles of those who have made the medicine Nizoral 200 of to-day what it is. Therefore I would have the history of medicine taught as a part of the curriculum of all of our medical schools. There is no department of education which does so much to broaden the individual and give char- acter to culture as the study of Nizoral Tablets history, and no branch of human knowledge can be mastered Nizoral 1 in the broadest sense of the word without studying the history of the lives and struggles of those who have previously labored as pioneers in the same field. As a profession we do not cherish and honor as we should the heroes of medicine, and if we ourselves are ignorant of the traditions and history of our science and pay little heed to them, is it any wonder that others not of Nizoral India our profession should have little knowledge of them ? The names of those who have achieved great deeds in other walks of life are sung by the poet, written by the story teller, or recorded with reverence by the historian, and their names are writ high upon the tablets of the Halls of Fame. Why should the names of the masters of medicine be forgotten and neglected ? It is because we neglect them ourselves. Students of medicine are elaborately instructed concerning all the special branches of medicine and surgen,', but they gain no knowledge as to who were the pioneers along the February Nizoral 200mg i8, 1905.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 347 special lines they are studying, as to who first recog- nized and described certain diseases, who first devised and performed Nizoral Hair Loss certain surgical operations, or who first discovered and accurately described the structure and functions of certain organs. Names, to be sure, are often used, but more as adjectives than as proper nouns, since many dis- eases, surgical operations, and anatomical structures have been given the names of those who first de- scribed them, but nothing is taught as to who these persons were, when or where they lived, or what their influence was upon the science of medicine. Those who have not had their taste stimulated by at least a brief sketch of the wonderfully fascinating story of the history of medicine are deprived of a very great pleasure, the pleasure of knowing where to look and how to look and of wanting Hair Loss Nizoral to look for more knowledge about the earl}- histon,- of some special department of medicine in which they are especially Nizoral Buy interested. I am not advocating- an exhaustive and elaborate course of study on the history of medicine, such as is given in our universities on general history, but it is rather a brief account of the different periods of medical history, with sketches of the lives of the leading men in each period, and a more or less Nizoral Price de- tailed description Ketoconazole Nizoral of the great discoveries which have made epochs in the history of medicine, which should form a part of the broad education of every physician. Open the volume here and there and give the student a taste of its interesting contents, and he will eagerly turn to the pages himself in Nizoral Hair Growth later life with ever increasing pleasure and profit. There has been of late Nizoral 2 years an awakening of in- terest in the subject of medical history, but as yet it has not reached our medical schools, except here and there, and so far as I know there are but two regular courses of lectures given upon this subject in the United States. I feel 2 Nizoral sure, however, that the time is not far distant when the importance of broader medical education, an education which will tend to produce medical men of deeper learning, of more culture, and of greater Nizoral Tablet refinement, will be recognized, and when in the broader curriculum of the future there will be included a systematic Oral Nizoral course of teaching on the history of medicine. BuRNSiDE Foster. .\NOTHER UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. We have received from A. Maloine, of Paris, a volume containing a grammar, exercises, and Nizoral Oral a dictionary of Spokil,^ another of the fashionable •■ universal " languages. We have little faith in any attempt to impose upon the world, even the Nizoral Hairloss credulous scientific part of it, a hastily manufac-

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