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1 of corneal opacity. 14 8 phenergan iv 117 12 purchase phenergan 13 4 1 of corneal opacity. Ti 9 102 1 10 4 1 of optic neuritis. ICa 10 43 1 12 2 1 of ectopia phenergan syrup lentls. Augusts. 1907.] WIGHT: CANCER OF MOUTH. phatic glands or cheap phenergan other parts of the body appears to be comparatively infrequent. Giant celled sarcomata are much less malignant than the other kind of phenergan dm syrup sarcoma. The giant celled sarcoma may be successfully treated when it is not verj- extensive by partial removal of the upper jaw. Total excision of the upper phenergan cream jaw is probably indi- cated for the removal of carcinoma ; if the disease has extended beyond the limit of the bone and the surrounding structures, it must be removed as free- ly as it is possible. The whole object of operation, here as well as elsewhere in the buccal cavity lies in preventing local recurrence of the phenergan mg disease. Case I.' — J- E.. phenergan codeine syrup age sixty-nine years, born in Ger- phenergan with codeine many phenergan codeine ; in phenergan use the oyster business. phenergan 25 Patient is an inveterate pipe smoker. Family history was negative ; so was the previous personal history. The histor\- of the phenergan online present condition was phenergan buy as follows: Two years ago patient had had an ulceration appear under the tongue which ex- tended and involved the right tonsil and fauces, and the glandular structures under the tongue. I first saw him June 6, 1905. and found the condition as described, the mass breaking down with a constant discharge. phenergan and codeine When I first saw the patient he was order phenergan eating very little and had lost much flesh, and for one week before the operation 25 mg phenergan not phenergan dm more than phenergan vc a cup of milk passed his throat. June 22, 1905, I did a Sedillot operation, removing the

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