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The treatment of epididymitis on the whole is the most satisfactory of any complication which occurs in the practice of diseases of the genitourinary sys- tem. The severity of the symptoms depends to great extent upon the patient. The nervous and high strung patient will of necessity need more at- tention than his brother, who is stoical and bears his pain philosophically. Absolute rest in bed is the first order prednisone online indication in tlie treatment of epididymitis, 'i'his is necessary both for the comfort of the patient and to prevent termi- nation in suppuration or tuberculosis of the testicle. A brisk cathartic is given, preferably 5 or 10 grains prednisone 10mg of calomel, followed by a saline. The affected tes- ticle is then put at rest. Several schemes have been proposed, but the one which I have found the most convenient purchase prednisone is a roll of ordinary cotton placed snugly between the thighs. Some prefer a shelf made out of a thin board and covered with cloth, others use a wide strap of adhesive plaster and suspend the tes- ticle on this, but these are liable to become cumber- some and uncomfortable. After the scrotum is prop- erly elevated hot applications are made, preferably with cloths saturated prednisone online in hot water, to which may be added tincture of opium and Goulard's extract, this to be covered by gutta percha or oiled silk, and either a hot water bottle or a Japanese stove applied will keep the applications hot for some time. A tobacco poultice made by adding one and one half ounces of fine cut tobacco to a pint of hot water and flaxseed, quantity prednisone 20mg sufficient to^make a thick paste, will sometimes give relief, especially to those who are nontobacco users. For the relief of the pain sev- eral leeches may order prednisone be applied along the inguinal cana! to the scrotum, strict surgical principles should be used in applying the leeches. For the extreme rest- lessness and sleeplessness nothing better can be used than opium in some form, preferably codeine, ^2 grain, and accidphenacidin. 5 grains, one of these powders can be given as often prednisone mg as every three hours. The hot applications should be kept up for four or five days, after which guaiacol may be applied in the shape of the following ointment as proposed by Cas- per : R Ichthyol 2.5 parts ; Guaiacol 5.0 parts ; Mercurial ointment lo.o parts ; Petrolatum. / =s j <„ „ „ ,. ,,r , .- , ,- aa q. s. ad 60.0 purchase prednisone online parts. Wool tat, ) ' ^ The ointment is to be applied on lint and then covered with nonabsorbent cotton. This may be continued for a day or two when the patient is al- lowed to leave his buy cheap prednisone bed after prednisone cost having been fitted with a proper suspensory. Most of the suspensories made are alasolutely useless. After having experimented with many makes I find that the most satisfactory is the elastic " Jock strap," which may be obtained at any surgical instrument or sporting goods house. The patient is directed at this stage to take a hot Sitzbad for half or three quarters of an hour daily. The guaiacol in the ointment causes considerable disquamation of the skin of the scrotum which cheap prednisone at this time can be cleaned. He is then to reapply the ointment and is then allowed to go out of doors for prednisone price a short time, not over three or four hours the first day ; the time can be gradually increased. At the end prednisone tablets of ten days he is able to resume his work unless it be that he' is engaged in work that necessitates heavy lifting, if so, I prohibit him from engaging in any work until two weeks have ehq^sed. and he is to continue to apply the ointment and take the hot baths daily for a period of three weeks ; at this time the ointment can be dispensed with, a nest of non- Augusts. 1907.] OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. 213 absorbent cotton is placed beneath the testicle, and buy prednisone online the whole is supported by the Jock strap which he has worn constantly. In this manner and with the care and caution which is daily impressed upon the patient no relapses ever occur. I have found this treatment in 90 per cent, of my cases highly satisfactorj'. Of course, the treatment of the urethritis during generic prednisone this time buy prednisone is discontinued, and is not resumed for a period of

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