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Pyelonephritis During Pregnancy, By E. prevacid chewable tablets BocHARD. Pyelonephritis During prevacid for sale Pregnancy. — Bochard reports a case of pregnancy in which signs of pyelonephritis appeared first on the right side, later on both. In spite of all medicinal treatment the patient's physical condition constantly grew worse. As a last resort premature labor was induced, after which the threatening symptoms immediately abated. SEMAINE MEDICALE. prevacid 24 hour coupon Noi'ember 0. 1Q04. The Role of Heredity in Renal Pathology. By Castaigne and Rathery. The Role of Heredity in Renal Pathology. — Castaigne and Rathery conclude from their in- vestigations that the theory of renal heredity rests upon prevacid sale a prevacid naprapac 500 clinical, an anatomopathological, and an experimental basis. The clinical result shows that mothers with nephritis have children with kidneys prevacid savings card which are susceptible to infections and intoxications and that they occasionally succumb during the first coupons for prevacid 24 hour few hours or days of life. Autopsies upon such cases have demonstrated that extensive nephritis was present. Experimentation confirms the results observable in human histology. Chronic nephritis has been produced in female animals which have subsequently been impregnated and their generic prevacid otc offspring has presented the same disease, either in the form which is like that prevacid generic equivalent which has been observed in the human foetus, or prevacid ac with superficial lesions, such as would be expected to cause albuminuria. The blood serum and the amniotic fluid of females suffering with nephritis contain substances which are poi- sonous, and these substances are transmitted in abundance to the offspring. November 16, 1904. Idiopathic, or Congenital Dilatation of the Colon. By Cheinisse. Idiopathic, or Congenital Dilatation of the Colon. — Cheinisse cites various authors to sho-i\' that this condition is not so very rare. While prevacid en espanol it is more frequent in young infants it is not unknown prevacid 42 count in adults and especially in the aged. While it is frequently fatal it is not necessarily so. It may be caused by a stricture of the rectum or the sigmoid flexure, the dilatation being above the obstruction. While the walls of the colon are usually hyper- trophied, especially the muscular coat, they are sometimes atrophied. The cheap prevacid online mucous membrane in the very young is seldom diseased. In those who are older it is sometimes ulcerated. The dilatation may be so great as to require puncture of the in- testine to relieve the gas which has resulted from generic name for prevacid retention and putrefaction of fscal matter. Large enemata are recommended and careful regulation prevacid otc coupon of the diet. If these fail, surgical interference will be required. Anastomosis will usually be only a palliative remedy ; resection may be required to produce permanent benefit. November zs, 1904. r. Pathological Role of Poisons in the Intestines, By Charrin and Leplay. J. Tubal Abortion, By Lejars. 1. The Role of Poisons in the Intestine. — Charrin and Leplay conclude from their investiga- tions that in the normal condition of the digestive tube innumerable poisonous substances are con- free prevacid coupons stantly present. In addition there are toxic sub- stances, the diastases, for example, which are in- dispensable to the nutritive changes of the body. The organism has various means for defending itself, and the tendency of disease is to break down such means of defense. If the views of patho- genesis advanced by the authors are true they sig- nify that general therapeutical measures are inadequate. They indicate that the enemy is to be attacked directly and also that the prevacid otc 30mg means of de- fense must not be broken down. Normal organic products prevacid 24hr coupon are often morbific and the physiological digestive secretions themselves are such at times. Before destroying them it is necessary to allow them to accomplish their proper functions and maintain prevacid discount card intact all the means of defense with which the body is provided. 2. Tubal Abortion. — Lejars observes that tubal rupture with all its dramatic surroundings is the accident connected with tubal pregnancy which is most often observed. Tubal abortion is

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