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tured language, and generic priligy Spokil seems to us, if any- thing, a trifle more barbarous than its congeners, resembling nothing online priligy in the heavens above, the earth beneath, or the -waters under the earth. If people wish to study other languages than priligy tablets their own, why not undertake one that possesses a lit- erature to reward the pains taken? Mediaeval Latin and modern Greek seem to have qualifica- tions as a universal language that none of these hastily compacted makeshifts can ever acquire. THE POSSIBLE PERIL OF STATING A SCIEN- TIFIC FACT. We learn from the Progres medical for January 28th that a widow lately brought a suit dapoxetine buy for dam- ages against the publisher of a graduation thesis entitled De I'impregnation de la mere. It seems that the priligy cost thesis presented the subject of indirect atav- ism, and that the widow's fiance, horrified at the idea, derived from reading it, order priligy that his dapoxetine purchase future pro- geny might inherit the traits' of the woman's de- ceased husband, broke the engagement. We fancy she will not recover damages. THE HATFIELD PRIZE. We would particularly call our readers' atten- tion to the notice, published in our news columns, of the Nathan Lewis Hatfield prize for original research in medicine, to be dapoxetine india awarded by cheap priligy the Col- lege of Physicians of Philadelphia. The subject announced. The Clinical and Pathological Diag- nosis of Sarcoma, is one that may well interest clinical dapoxetine hydrochloride and laboratory investigators, and the amount to be awarded is large enough to repay a man for extensive research. THE MEDICAL GEWALT. This amusing annual, supposed to have some occult connection with the alumni of Mt. Sinai order priligy online Hospital, has recently been received at this ofiice. We are purchase priligy lampooned in it, in company with several others of the editorial guild, dapoxetine in india but its sallies are so good-natured that we have derived the usual pleasure from their perusal. ' Spokil. Langiie mtemationale. Par le Dr. Ad. Nicolas, mMecin consultant & la Bourboule. Paris : A. Maloine. Mitenr. 348 NEWS ITEMS. BftMS Iftfms. Society Meetings for the Coining Week: Monday, February soth. — Xew York Academy of Medi- cine (Section in Ophthalmology) ; New York County Medical Association; Hartford, Conn., Medical So- ciety; Chicago Medical Society. Tuesday, February zist. — New York Academy of Medi- cine (Section in General Medicine) ; buy cheap priligy Buffalo Academy of priligy price Medicine (Section in Pathology) ; Ogdensburgh, N. Y., Medical Association ; Syracuse, N. Y., Academy of Medicine; Medical Society of the County of Kings, N. Y. ; Baltimore Academy of Medicine. Wednesday, February 22Hd. — New York Academy of Medi- cine (Section in Laryngology and Rhinology) ; New York Pathological Society ; New York Surgical So- ciety; American Microscopical buy priligy Society of the City of New York ; Philadelphia County Medical Society ; New ■York Dermatological Society (private) ; Auburn, N. Y., City Medical Association ; Berkshire, Mass., District Medical Society (Pittsfield). Thursday, February 23rd. — New York Academy of I\Iedi- cine (Section in Obstetrics and Gynaecology) ; New York Orthopaedic Society ; New York Celtic Medical Society; Brooklyn Pathological dapoxetine online Society; Brooklyn So- ciety for Neurology ; Roxbiiry, Mass., Society for ]\Iedi- ca! Improvement (private) ; Pathological Society of Philadelphia; Church Hill Medical Society of Rich- mond, Va. * Friday, February B4ih. — New York Clinical Society (pri- vate) ; New York Society of German Physicians ; York- ville Medical Association, New York (private) ; Phila- delphia Clinical Society; Philadelphia Laryngological Society. Saturday, February 25th. — New York Medical and Sur- gical Society purchase priligy online (private) ; Harvard Medical Society, New York (private). NEW YORK. • buy priligy online

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