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uf e])ididymitis propecia cost with insurance is confined to perfect hygiene of the genitalia, elevation, and supjxjrt of discount propecia australia the testicle, limi- tation of infection to epididymis, and rest. The pa- tient is put to bed at absolute rest on a liquid, or soft nutritious diet, and encouraged to drink an abun- dance of water. Local applications are used to diminish the efl'usion and congestion of the tunica vaginalis. Tincture propecia discount card of guaiacol (40 per cent.) in glycerin freely applied to scrotum and inguinal re- gion, and followed by an ice cap or by hot poultice propecia cost of tobacco, flaxseed, or belladonna leaves, acts most efficiently as a counterirritant and analgesic, produc- ing diminution in pain and oedema. The bowels should be moved daily, preferably with salines, and hexamethylinamine in 5 grain doses administered, three times daily, as an urinary antiseptic. When the swelling and acute pain subsides recovery can frequently be hastened and inflammatory induration be lessened by the application with gentle friction, propecia cost in india three times a day, of the following unguent : IJ Pul V. opii gr. iv ; Ung. belladonnse (U. S. P.), 3ss; Ung. ichthyolis (25%), ad Bij. Strapping is of great advantage after the propecia cost comparison swell- ing begins to subside and pain becomes tolerable. The testicle on the affected side may be strapped snugly with adhesive plaster, but still better is a rubber bandage of sufficient length and width, to enclose the testicle from above its greatest line of swelling to its most dependent point, propecia cost uk reinforced by a strip of adhesive plaster. The rubber bandage produces firm pressure, elevation, and support, and local depletion. It may be removed and reapplied daily as the discount generic propecia swelling subsides. Curative, Surgical. — The nature of the condition when considered from a scientific point of view, oc- curring as a secondary process to urethritis, would indicate immediate control of the spreading infec- tion. The resistance of the gonococcus to the ordi- nary antiseptics and germicides tolerant to the mu- cous membrane, and the tendency propecia cost without insurance to lead to other more unfavorable complications and sequelae should demand prompt and radical surgical interferencej propecia discount pharmacy In acute gonorrhceal epididymitis the epididymis is opened at its most dependent point ; pus, if present, is evacuated ; and the structure irrigated with a solu- tion of bichloride of mercury, i in 4,000, followed' by normal saline solution. Drainage is established by means of a few strands of silkworm gut or small cigarette drain. The advantages of this operation are: (i) Complications are rare; (2) tendency to recurrence is avoided; (3) propecia cost per month treatment of urethra can be discount propecia continued very much sooner; (4) convalescence is very much shortened; (5) patient is comparatively comfortable immediately after operation; and (6) danger of sterility is not increased: In chronic epididymitis the prostate should l)e carefully examined, the urethra explored, and the infectious focus removed. Recurrent epididymitis should be treated surgically as in the acute variety. If this procedure does not destroy the infection, vasectomy should be aaa discount propecia done. Epididymitis' accompanies urethral gonorrhcea, and irrigation of the propecia price uk urethra should always be sus- pended until the acute process of the epididymis has subsiflcd. August ;;. discount propecia online 1!)07.] THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. Dr. Leo Daiizigcr, of Cincinnati, O., Zi'ritcs: Gonorrhoeal epididymitis is a complication of acute specific urethritis which propecia tablets cost in india usually occurs not earlier than the third week of the disease, except in cases where the posterior urethra had been previously in- fected, and not cured, and the new attack simply lights up the old one. From the moment that a patient gets propecia discount program an inflamed cpidid\mis all treatment to the urethra must be promptly stopped. The how much does propecia cost uk treatment can be summed up in a verv few words ; namely, absolute rest and elevation of the parts, since there is a tendency on the part of Na- ture to do the work herself. But there are other points that have to be taken into consideration. Not in all cases is it possible for the patient to take to his bed and rest, partly on account of business af- fairs, and. secondly, for secrecy sake, as a great many patients are not buy discount propecia willing that their families and friends should even suspect that they are ill. For those patients whom I can put to bed, I order abso- lute rest on a hard mattress, thorough elevation of the testes by means of a pillow shoved beneath them or by suspending them by means of a handkerchief

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