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suspensory, which is fastened to the waist or bellv- band. Then I have the patient apply cool, but not ice cold, water, into which can be put liquor plumbi ad. libitum, or liquor alumni acetatis, proscar 10mg three table- spoonfuls to the pint. The patient's bowels are. to be moved briskly with salts, and a mild catharsis maintained during the whole of the acute stage. The diet is to be mainly vegetarian. Alcoholics and condiments are to be alisolutely avoided. Usually in about seven days the acute stage is passed, and then I either put on an adhesive plaster (zinc oxide plaster) compression bandage, which is made by en- circling the gland with successive layers of the zinc o.xide plaster until it is evenly and snugly com- pressed. Then I apply a well fitting suspensory and see that it is well pulled up so that all weight and pull are taken from the cord. I also, as a routine practice, order lo drops of a saturated solution of potassium iodide or sodium iodide, well diluted with water, to be taken three times daily after meals. The patient can then go about and tend to his work, and in about one 0.5 mg proscar to two weeks the process of absorption is complete, and the treatment of the urethra can be resumed. In best price proscar those cases that cannot or will not take to bed I order an ointment, consisting of guaiacol, lo per cent. : pure iodine, 5 i)er cent. ; wool fat. ad. .'^i. to be applied to non prescription proscar the testicles and covered with a layer of gauze proscar price compare and then with a piece of oiled silk, and sus- pended either in a well fitting suspensory or a Jock straj), such as the athletes use. After the acute stage lias passed I either apply tiie price proscar zinc oxide adhesive plaster compression bandage or ! order an altiTati\e ointnuiU as follows: H lltig. bclladonn.'e 10.0 grammes ; I'ng. liyilrarg. 20.0 gramiiu's. M. fl, w\g. Sig. : Externally. This is to be aiiplied covered with gauze and oiled silk, and the susjiensory worn until aiisorption has taken place completely. oTbcrapcutual llotcs. Treatment of Fractures Through Both Mal- leoli. — In a recent discussion before the Societe de chirurgie de Paris, the bad results following treat- best place buy proscar online ment of fractures of the ankle through buy proscar online uk both malleoli were 'acknowledged and partly attributed to imper- fect reduction of the deformity, and partlv to allow- ing the patients to walk too soon. In proscar 5 mg tabletas some cases it appears that the best efforts of the surgeon will be unable to obtain a perfect result. The treatment ma\- be summed up as follows: i. Reduction of the fracture with the patient under chloroform, but carefully guarding against movements of proscar film tablet 5 mg 28 tb the limb, as the patient is coming proscar price philippines out from proscar online prescription the anesthetic, especially in do need prescription proscar alcoholic subjects. In order to bring the fractured ends into proper relation, strong trac- tion is to be made upon the heel, tightly grasped in the hand, first in a direction downward and to the front, then flexing the foot and making strong ad- duction. 2. The immediate application of a plas- ter of Paris posterior splint. Support the limb until the plaster is hard, or apply an additional splint for one day. 3. Renew the plaster bandage if, after the subsidence of the oedema, it is proscar prescription drug observed to be loose. 4. The duration of immobilization should be forty. fifty, or sixty days. 5. The use of crutches is en- joined for one or two months without placing the foot on the ground during this time. 6. Massa^-e and electricity should be applied to the limb before permitting the patient to walk, in order to overcome trophic troubles. 7. Radiographic proscar cost ireland examination should be made in case of doubt as lowest price proscar to consolidation. If consolidation is not complete in six months (,as shown by the translucent callus), surgical interven- tion should be considered. — Rez-uc nic-ciicale dc .\'or- niandic. through the Journal dc mcdecine dc Paris. April 7, 1907. Relation of Epilepsy to Hyperchlorhydria.- Professor Robin, in a clinical lecture, has stated that among eleven patients of epilepsy, he had found that nine also suffered from hyperchlorhvdria. Without admitting that this condition produces epi- lepsy, it is assuredly an exciting factor. In fact, in an epileptic, who had long been best place to buy proscar online on the bromide proscar rxlist treatment. Robin was able to obtain almost a com- plete cure by simply treating the dyspepsia. The attacks ceased for two years, but at the end of this period they returned, owing to a nervous shock. In this case tiie psychical cause, so to speak, replaced the gastric cause. It is known, moreover, that dyspep.sia aggravates other nervous states, and this may be explained either by the presence of toxines or as suggested by Robin, by retlex irritation. The plan of treatment would, therefore, be to diminish the excessive secretion in the stomach, and to re- duce the excital)ility of the medulla oblongata. A dechiorinizcd diet is useful not only by reducing the hydrochloric acid. InU also by rendering the sys- tem more subject to the action of the bromides; but the (lechlorinization should not i)e carried to proscar online no prescription excess.

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