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posures in all, each lasting twenty-five minutes, and If there are any raw surfaces this will sting con- given once proventil 90 mcg daily. At the point of application of the siderably, but on the unbroken skin it is very com- X rays, there was only a little redness, with traces of fortable and allays itching greatly. Many skins do pigmentation and desquamation, which in a few days better without any greasy application, and the glyc- disappeared. The author has treated, in the same erite of starch can be substituted in the above oint- manner, several cases of visceral carcinoma, proventil coupons without ments for the fatty base. Tar proventil cost and the tarry prep- having seen any radiodermatitis in spite of the long proventil inhalers proventil mdi arations, oil of cade, and oleum rusci, are also val- duration of the exposure (thirty minutes). It is evi- uablc antipruritic remedies, buy proventil online and may be freely used proventil price dent tli.nt in addition to the sheet of silver covering withort danger nf absoriition. EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 217 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL IXCORPORATIXG THE Philadelphia ventolin proventil Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Review of Medicine. Edited b> FRANK P. FOSTER. M. D., SMITH ELY JELLTFFE. M. D. Address all business communications I0 A. R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHIXG COMPAXY, PfdAishers. 66 Jl'est Broadzuay. Xczu Voik. Chicago Office : 160 proventil coupon Washington Street. SrBscRipnox Price : Vnder Domestic Postage Rates. So ; under Foreign Postage Rate, $T; single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made proventil albuterol by Xew York Exchance or post office or express money order payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co. or by registered mail, as the publishers proventil inhaler are not responsible lor money sent by unregistered mail. order proventil Entered proair proventil at the Post Office at Xew York and admitted for transportation through the mail as second class matter. \i:w YORK. ;attrday. AUcrsT THE MORBID ANATOMY OF MENTAL COX- buy proventil FUSION. Cases of confusional insanity are beginning to be recognized by the French as distinct from the group of primary, organic dementias. proventil hfa inhaler In this they are proventil inhaler coupon following the lines laid down by Kraepelin some fifteen years ago. Recent investigations appear to demonstrate proventil nebulizer a certain coupon for proventil relation existing between the disturbance of intellection present in. these patients and certain changes in the cells of the cerebral cor- tex, and, less directly, but more constantly, certain morbid conditions, notably pus collections or chronic inflammatory foci, in remote regions of the body, especially those afTecting the pelvic organs. In patients proventil hfa coupon suffering with light forms of mental confusion, a distinction can and should be made between the fundamental and the accessory mani- festations of the mental disorder. Prominent among the fundamental manifestations are the disturbances if the perceptive faculties. These patients are in a state of uncertainty and doubt ; they seem lost and tindecidcrl where to go. Hence arises the failure in • rientation in time and space which is so-.character- !-tic of mental confusion. From it also arises the abulia, or deficient will power, which causes the slowness of movement and indecision, .\mong the accessory manifestations are occasional delirious phenomena. There may be also teniponuy exalta- tion, but more frequently depressive iileas prevail. Hallucinations are rare, but dclusiQiis are not in- frequent. In a recent article in the Journul (/.• mcdccinc tic

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