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So far as the graver forms are concerned, those in which acetone, diacetic acid, etc., are present in appreciable quantities, the dangers are distinctly- greater. Narcosis and shock are borne by these patients badly,- and cardiac exhaustion is always imminent ; nevertheless, Klemperer is of the opinion that these patients can be operated on with com- parative safety. They certainly succumb without -ich intervention. A strict dietetic regimen is de- sirable before the operation, and minimum amounts of narcotics are imperative. Grave results, how- ever, are ever to be Mirtazapine 15 Mg kept in mind and the Mirtazapine 15 prognosis reserved. MEDICAL IXSPECTIOX OF SCHOOL CHIL- DREN. This Mirtazapine 30 subject has been prominent among the vari- eties of sanitary work for a considerable length of time now — not for so Remeron Mg long a period, however^ as to insure readiness at all times on the part of teach- ers and newly appointed inspectors. We are glad to see, therefore, that the Massachusetts Board of Education has recently issued a little pamphlet, pre- pared by a competent body of writers, entitled Sug- gestions to Teachers and School Physicians Regard- ing Medical Inspection. We do not doubt that it will prove of great service. THE CHEWING OF GUM. From the resthetic standpoint we can say noth- ing in palliation of the habit of gum chewing, which seems to have Remeron Cost taken a firm hold on rather a low class of the American people, both men and women, who, not content with carrying it out in private, Purchase Remeron Online persist in parading it before their civilized fellow beings. It is unmitigatedly repulsive. However, two or three years ago — perhaps longer ago — we felt constrained to express our belief that it was hygienically beneficial. We pointed out, in particu- lar, that it Remeron Tablets tended powerfully to cleanse the teeth, those instruments that we are all too prone to neg- lect, with the Remeron Price result that we get dyspepsia from defective mastication and insalivation. These points have lately been brought forward ;i greater detail by M. Leon Meunier {Gazette ii'dicale dc Paris. July 15th), though not with spc- lal reference to gum chewing, of which, liowevcr, he appears to approve while unable to restrain his appreciation of it as an American oddity. M. Mcunier's main purpose is ff) demonstrate the fre- 15 Mg Mirtazapine iiicncy fif dysjiepsia dependent on insufficient in- alivation. Those who bolt their meals, he says — iu<\ none of us can doubt that he is I'lght — deprive themselves of the salivary amylolytic aid Order Remeron to gastric digestion. He perceives a supplementary insaliva- tion within the stomach as the result of swallowing the saliva poured out by reason of Cheap Remeron chewing gum. So it seems that we cannot scientifically oppose the disgusting habit. PNEUMONIA IN THE FCETUS. An interesting contribution to our knowledge of the facts bearing on the question of the transmis- Order Remeron Online sion of disease from the maternal organism to the fcEtus in utero was presented by ^L ^Menetrier at a recent meeting of the Societe medicale des hopitaux de Paris (Seinaine ntedicale, July ijth). Buy Remeron Speaking for himself and for M. Touraine. M. Menetrier gave an account of a case in which a woman begin- ning to recover from a grave attack of pneumonia Buy Remeron Online was delivered of a still bom child of six months and a Mirtazapine Mg half. In the middle lobe of the child's right lung there was observed a patch of hepatization ex- tending to the surface and accompanied by some localized pleurisy. The other organs were healthy. Histological examination of the area of hepatiza- tion showed lesions resembling those of frank lobar pneumonia of the adult. In the peripheral zone the congestion had passed the stage of splenization and had reached Generic Remeron that of diffuse hemorrhagic effusions. The pneumococcus was found in the blood, in the lung, and in the liver of the foetus. The interest- ing feature of the case was thought to be the ex- clusive localization of the infectious Purchase Remeron process in the lung. To explain this localization, the reporter questioned if Remeron Online one might not admit the existence of pneumotoxines which, elaborated in the organism of the mother, in the course of her pneumonia, passed into the foetus and gave Buy Cheap Remeron rise in the corre- sponding organ, namely, the lung, to cellular dis- turbances or circulator}- modifications that set up a local attraction for the germs in the circulation. IM. Menetrier's conjecture seems rational, but we presume that much further study would be required to establish or disprove it. THE XEWSP.XPER LIE ABOUT DR. KNOPF. Our readers are familiar with the fact that various newspapers lately gave currency to an atrocious calunuiy attributing to Dr. S. .\. Knopf, of New York, the teaching that the death of dying con-

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