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were reported to the Bureau of Health of Pittsburgh : Chickenpox, 6 cases, no deaths ; typhoid fever, 69 cases, S deaths ; scarlet fever, 10 cases, i death ; diphtheria, 5 cases, no deaths ; measles, 8 cases, i death ; whooping cough, 30 cases, 8 deaths; Renova Cost puimonary tuberculosis, 11 cases, •g deaths. The total deaths for the week numbered Purchase Requip 172, in a population, according to the census of 1900, of 312,616, corresponding to an annual death rate of 28,64 in i,oao population. Yorkville Dispensary and Hospital for Women and Children. -'IMie board of directors of the Vi.rkville Hos- pital, in order tn meet the increased demand upon the in- stitution by the sick poor of Yorkville, and with the view also of purchasing Cost Of Renova a Buy Requip new hospital site at an early date, has decided to add to the present medical board additional visitings in surgery, gyna;cology, internal medicine, ortlio- pa^dics, eye, ear, nose, and throat. The directors announce that the selection of the physicians will be made solely on professional merit, regardless of political or financial in- fluence. The Yorkville Hospital was formerly known as the Metropolitan Hospital and Dispensary. The Brainerd District, Illinois, Medical Society. — The one hundred and twenty-second quarterly meeting of this society was held at Petersburg, 111., on July 25th. The pro- gramme arranged for the meeting included the following papers : The Modern Short Incision in Certain Operative Technique, by Dr. Don A. Deal, of Springfield ; The Sig- nificance of Pain in Acute Abdominal Purchase Renova Disease, by Dr. Carl K. Black. Jacksonville; Some Affections of the Gallbladder and Bile Duct, by Dr. J. J. Hill. Athens: Accessory Sinuses of the Nose, by Dr. A. L. Adams, Jacksonville ; Typhoid Fever, by Dr. S. E. Munson, Springfield ; Report of a Case, by Dr. S. T. Hurst, Greenview. The International Guild for the Benefit of the Insane Renova Price Under the auspices of this guild there will be a meeting of women physicians Renova Online of the Clara Settlement, at St. Regis House, One Hundred and Fortieth Street and Riverside Drive, Manhittan, on Saturday, August 17, 1907, at 3 p. m. The following programme has been prepared for Cheap Requip the occa- sion : The Object and Need of Psychopathic Wards in Gen- eral Hospitals, Dr. Ruth Demarest, Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie ; discussion Buy Renova to be opened by Dr. Theodosia F. Schoney, New York; Borderland Cases. Dr. A. Lenora White. New York Renova Buy ; discussion to be opened by Dr. Amelia M. Fendler, New York ; Sociology Applied, Dr. Bertha A. Rosenfeld, New York. Medical Students at Order Requip German Universities The official report from the twenty-one German universities gives a total Renova Coupon of 7,219 medical students for the winter course of 1906, as against 6,570 and 6,080 for the summer course of 1906 and winter course of 1905, respectively. The Uni- versity of Munich leads with 1,292 medical students, fol- lowed by Berlin with 1,182, while Miinster counts only 63, taking the lowest place. Si.x universities admit female medical students; Erlangen (l) ; Freiburg (27); Heidel- berg (25) ; Miinchen (43) ; Tiibingen (2) ; Wiirzburg (6) ; a total of 104 female students. The total number of stu- Price Of Renova dents is 45.136 men and 254 women; in addition to these, 5.509 persons (2,105 women) avail Renova Prices themselves of the priv- ilege of attending lectures without having the right to matriculate; Berlin leads with 8,188 students, followed by Munich with 5,567, while Rostock has the smallest number of students, 645. Naval Hospital Needs — Under this heading the New York Tribune (July 24th) says : " The naval medical of- ficers Order Renova hope to obtain some legislation at the next session of Congress which shall be beneficial to the hospital corps of that branch of the navy. The corps needs reorganization and an increase. The situation is such that good men Buy Requip Online are not reenlisting. and it is difficult to induce others to enter the service. As the conditions are to-day, the pay of the Buy Renova Online members of the hospital corps cannot be increased without special act of Congress The pay of all other enlisted men of the navy can be altered by executive order. Something will have to be done to give the same chance to the naval hospital corps men. It is also intended by the head of the corps to renew the recommendation in favor of the estab- lishment of a dental corps similar to that in the army medi- cal department. There will be an effort made also to ob- tain authority for the employment of women nurses, prin- cipally at naval hospitals at home and abroad. These nurses have proved nf great value at the armv general hos- Requip Mg pitals in the United Slates as well as in the Philippines." The New Army General Hospital — According to the New York Tribune (July 24th), "the plans for the estab- lishment of a large army general hospital and medical sta- tion in the District of Columbia, beyond the Soldiers' Home, have been completed. A hospital building is now under construction and is expected to be fmished in about six months. It is intended to remove to this place the army medical school, Renova Cream which is now accommodated in the Medical Museum oi the Smithsonian reservation. Phere XEIVS ITEMS. will also be established two companies of the hospital corps

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