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for the purpose of instruction and demonstration. There will be a postgraduate school for the benefit, not only of the newly appointed assistant surgeons, but for older Generic Risperdal officers who desire to take Cheap Risperdal up some special study or pursue some line of scientific investigation. This general hospital will be the largest of its kind under the government, and when completed there will be. counting the quarters, laboratories, and so on, something like one hundred buildings. The site selected is a commanding one overlooking the national capitol. and is intended as a memorial of the late Major Walter Reed, surgeon, to whose efforts in Cuba were due the e.xtinction of yellow fever. The first of the surgeon commandants in charge of the new institution will be Major William H. Arthur, who entered the medical Risperdal Price department in 1881." Eeport of the Department of Health of the Isthmian Canal Commission for the Month of May, 1907 — During May, 1907, there were 263 deaths on the Isthmus, in a population of 99,950, corresponding to an annual death rate of 31-5/ in Risperdal Tablets 1,000 population. There were 18 deaths from typhoid fever. 5 from xstivoautmnal Purchase Risperdal Online malaria, 17 from clinical malaria, 2 from haemoglobinuric fever, I from diph- theria. 4 from amoebic dysenterj-, 5 from clinical dysentery. 3 from beriberi, 4 from septicaemia, 9 from tuberculosis of the lungs, i from tuberculosis of other organs, 10 from general tuberculosis. 3 from bronchopneumonia, and 51 from pneumonia. Three deaths were reported among the 4,284 Purchase Risperdal American employees, all from accidental traumatism. Thirteen deaths were recorded among the 6,182 employees other than .\niericans. of which 4 were from Risperdal Cost disease. There were 82 deaths among the 28.537 blacks, all except 7 of which were from disease. The first rain of the season occurred on May loth, nearly a month later than in 1906. The morbidity rate was 18.97 in Risperidone Mg daily. One white American infant, aged seven days, died from marasmus. No quarantinable disease of any kind occurred during Order Risperdal the month. The prolonged dry season and the comparative lateness of the beginning of the rains have been productive of conditions favorable to the breeding of mosquitoes which are unique and which required the adoption of sanitarj- measures never before necessarj-. The rivers have been converted into a series of still pools connected by a mere thread of tricklin.g water. Under an unclouded sk-j- the temperature of these pools becomes favorable for the de- velopment of algse, so that a good crop would spring up the second day after a good cleaning. In the eddies and shal- low bends anopltcles appeared at once, while the various species of culcx abounded at all times. Oiling was only partly eflfective, and no sooner was a stream cleared in its entire length than it was necessary to repeat the operation. Consequently a boat was built and the entire mouth of the Bas Obisco river was blown out where it emptied into the Chagres. The boat then proceeded up the river, gangs of laborers clearing away the grass from the banks and re- moving obstructions from the stream. The siiallows were treated either by deepening the channel and narrowing its banks with rough stonework nr by blowing out a channel with dynamite, which would be sufficiently deep and wide to completely do away with the pools Risperidone 1 Mg of water above. In these ways the breeding places were kept down. The canal cut proper gives much trouble. The progress of each steam ■>vc! leaves new breeding places behind it. In man)' Hcs the water can only be ditched in one pool, which V llien be oiled. Efforts were made to turn all the tor into the main ditch, where the swift running stream unfavorable to mosquito breeding Drip barrels of oil le placed in localities where the current was too slow. i c location of points of infection is an Order Risperdal Online important part the work of the sanitary department. When at any camp ' liiispital returns show a decided increase of cases of ^laria, the moscpiito inspector goes over Risperidone 1 the whole ground ihe camp and its surroundings, tries to locate the breed- places, and reports on measures best adapted for their iioval. All the laborers that can be spared are at once Hcntratcd on this district and What Is Risperidone make a swift end of breed- .i.K pl.nccs. Special measures are being taken to prevent typhoid fever, which is still too 1 Mg Risperidone prevalent, and pneumonia, which is now the disease Buy Risperdal Online causing the Rre.Ttr^t number of deaths. Every pit and pail closet in the /"Wc has been overhauled and made llyproof ; the water sheds are patrolled and settlers removed from them ; the trails, except the legalized ones, are closed: drains and ditches are kept free of Buy Risperdal decomposing matter and arc systematically disinfected by phenol and chlorinated lime: meats and other foodstuffs are kept under wire screens ; Risperdal Mg e.xtra garbage cans have been distributed to the houses ; houses in which cases of either disease have occurred are fumigated; and the water closets and surrounding ditches and drains are disinfected. Infections Diseases in New York: ]\'e Buy Cheap Risperdal are indebted to the Bureau of Records of the Health Dcfartment fo>- the following statement of Risperdal Online nei>.' cases and deaths reported for the tzvo weeks ending July jy. 1907: , July 27.— ^ . .July 20. , Cases. Deattis. Cases. Deaths. T.rphoid fever 81 14 ."■>4 9 Smallpox 1 1 Varicella . . . .- 20 44 Measles 401 24 414 24 Scarlet fever ISO 14 231 14

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