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mitis (So Order Salmeterol Called Sympathetic Ophthalmia), By Charles A. Oliver. 5. Furtlier Observations on Retinitis Punctata, By H. Gradle. 6. Surgery of Tumors of the Bladder from a Modern Aspect, By G. Komscher and L. E. Schmidt. 7. Onychomycosis Trichophytina, With Report of Two Cases, By A. Ravocli. 8. Two Cases of 'iuinor Purchase Serevent Online at the Pontoecre'uuilar Angle. with Autopsies, By 'i iieouoke Dillek. 9. Carcinosis of the Brain and Spinal Cord, By Walter Tim me. 10. Opsonic Therapy in Skin Diseases, By JL R. Varney. 11. Significance and Treatment of Itching. By L. Duncan Bulkley. 12. Indications for the Employment of Adrenalin Chloride, in Conjunction with Cocaine, in Operations on the f^-yc, By'el Theobald. 6. Surgery of Tumors of the Bladder from a Modern Aspect. — Kolischcr and Schmidt, (jf Chicago, state that all benign tumors of the bladder should be approached from the inside, all malign tumors from Generic Serevent the outside of the viscus. In all malign cases in which the loss of substance is not too great the bladder should be closed completely by sutures after the removal of the tumor, and the incision into the bladder should be made in accordance with the location of the growth, as defined by the cystoscope. The permanent catheter should be absolutely abolished. Nitrous oxide gas anaesthesia should be employed exclusively. A constant cysto- scopic surveillance should be maintained over any blad- der that has ever been operated on for tumor. 7. Onychomycosis Trichophytina. — Ravogli reports two such cases. From these he observes that in cases in which the parasite is hidden in the interstices of the cells of the nail plate, it can be reached only with great difficulty, and the obstinacy of the case, lasting for over twenty years, shows that the prognosis is bad. In the cases in which the fungus is on the surface of the nail plate, however, it can be reached, and the fungus can be destroyed, and with constant treatment we are rewarded by seeing the nail grow free from the disease. In the case of the first patient it appears, from the con- dition of the nails, that anything which was used brought only a temoprary relief, Order Serevent Online while in the case of the second patient with constant applications of Wil- Buy Salmeterol Online kinson's ointment the patient obtained perfect recovery within four months. This shows that in one case the spores were protected in the interstices of the cells forming the plate of the nail, Purchase Serevent and can be reached only with great difficulty. It is difficult, indeed, to bring a case of onychomycosis of Purchase Salmeterol the first type to recovery, so much so that in many cases it has been necessary to remove the nails. The affected finger is wrapped up in lint, well saturated Purchase Salmeterol Online with salve containing a large percentage of pyrogallic acid Order Serevent so as to produce an in- flammatory condition of the nail, an artificial parony- chia. In this way the nail is detached from the sur- rounding epidermis and it can be removed. This meth- od Buy Cheap Salmeterol is rather severe, and not all patients Order Salmeterol Online are ready to submit to it. 10. Opsonic Index in Skin Diseases. — Varney is convinced that in bacterial innoculations we possess a therapeutical agent with a specificity of great merit. Wright's method of obtaining the resisting power of a patient is also of unquestionable value as a guide to determine what will raise Generic Salmeterol the resistance. Vaccines made from the patients' own invading microorganisms Buy Serevent (or autogenous vaccinations) produce better results than those made of stock vaccines. These results can be obtained with or without opsonic readings, but they will be uniformly better if the vaccinations are con- trolled by frequent estimation of the patient's resis- tance. He believes that proper autogenous vaccina- tion, adniinistered in appropriate doses, when the pa- tient's index indicates the necessity for revaccination, is a harmless, quick, Buy Salmeterol and efficient treatment in certain chronic localized infections yet to be classified. 11. Significance and Treatment of Itching. — Bulk- ley observes that itching, or pruritus, should always receive the careful attention of the physician, and every effort should be made to determine the true cause or the nature of the difficulty behind it ; for it is Nature's signal that something Buy Serevent Online is wrong, either with the Auziist 3. Buy Cheap Serevent : 007.1

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