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leaving the rat dead from plague, and tlien biting man, transfers plague from the rat to the man. Rut the flea theory accounts for only a certain i)ercentage of the fatal bubonic cases. It has been proved beyond dispute The Slimfast Diet that the plague bacilli taken, in contaminated food multiply while the food is in the intestines, enter through the lymph channels or lacteals of the intestines and invade the blood in swarms. The only qualifica- tion is that the microbes shall be so protected as not to be affected hv the gastric juice. 2. Hernia in Childhood.— Corner holds that a me- dian ventral hernia between the upper ])arts of the divaricated recti is manifold the most common and characteristic hernia of childhood. It has never re- ceived its full due, owing to the fact that surgeons have made more observations in the operating theatre than in the out patient room, and have, with few exceptions, never combined the two sets of observations. This median ventral hernia is almost invariably an acquired character, and is directly related to ihe pressure of gases proSlimfast Australia .\ny hernia or set nf herni.e in anv silnatiim are more frequent when acc.inipanied by It than when alone. Clinical experience Slimfast Cheap shows that raised intraabdominal pressure is related to the frequency of inguinal hernial and, it is suRRCStod, probably aUli lo their iniliation. It has been further suggested that the true proportion of ac- quired to congenital hernis is about two to one. In the face of the fact that it is nearly impossible to dis- tinguish the funicular variety of the congenital her- nia sac from the acquired sac at an operation and even perhaps at anecropsy. there can b^ no certain knowl- edge of the Slimfast Canada formation of the herniae in children. There- fore the writer suggests that by means of the recogni- tion of the presence and significance of the median ventral hernia, its frequency and associations, it is possible to introduce a strong probability into the ques- tion, which would seem to indicate that acquired her- nije are more common in children dian those due to the presence of a congenital sac. 3. The Treatment of Lupus. — Dreuw states Buy Slimfast Online that there is no single method which can definitely cure everv case of lupus so that no recurrence Buy Cheap Slimfast will take place. The methods of treatment in general use at present are as follows: (i) Physical (Finsen light, Rontgen rays, and radium) ; (2) chemical (caustics) ; (3) mechanical (surgical methods) ; and (4) inter- Slimfast 123 nally acting substances (cantharidin, tuberculin). Treatment by means of the Finsen light, and Rontgen rays are only within the reach of a few specialists. The author introduced two years ago a method by which the general practitioner can treat lupus cheaply, easily, and with success. The lupus patch which is to be treated is frozen by means of ethyl chloride (or by carbonic acid gas if a deeper effect is desired) until it is snow white. Over this frozen surface crude hydro- chloric acid is rubbed thoroughly and with a certain degree of force. According to Unna it is advantageous to saturate this crude hydrochloric acid with chlorine. The acid is applied in the following wa)- : Cotton wool is wound round one end of a small wooden stick of about thq size of a penholder: this is dipped in the crude hydrochloric acid and rubbed on the frozen sur- face, pressing slightly, Slimfast Cost till the nodules become of a gravish white color (reaction). This grayish white color occurs first where nodules are and then in the .skin surrounding the nodules. In this way a large surface can be treated at once by a succession of appli- cations of the caustic. If the patch is ver}' large, it is best to administer chloroform. The spots are then simi- larly thoroughly frozen by preference with carbonic acid gas, and then by the above mentioned means the crude hydrochloric acid is energetically rublied in. This freezing and cauterization under general an.-psthesia is especially suitable (i) in lupus multiplex Cheap Slimfast Products and lupus exulcerans: (2) in lupus of the mucous membranes, the nasal cavities, the lips, Purchase Slimfast and tuberculous abscesses and fistulre (cauterize from six to eight times in rapid suc- cession) ; and, (3) where the freezing Slimfast Meals is not well borne Slimfast Shaker bv the patient (r. ^., nervous and sensitive pa- tients) or where very energetic cauterization is neces- sary — (•. '^., in tuberculous ulcers, lupus hypeftrophicus, and verrucosus. The advantages of this method are summarized as follows: i. The method is simple, cheap, ra])idlv effective, and gives good cosmetic results, Slimfast Tablets 2. It can he carried out at home without hospital treat- ment. anlicated apparatus is not neces- sary, Slimfast Snack Bars therefore Slimfast Price the method can he applied Order Slimfast Online by any prac- tit'oner. 4. Slimfast 123 Plan The method can be applied in Order Slimfast all forms of lupus and in all situations, with the exception, perhaps, of the eye. Favorable results are obtained by repeated cauterization, especially in lupus of the nasal cavity. 5. .Vs a preliminary trealnieiu for later Finseti treat- ment one gains t-nie and gets f;ivorable results. 7. A New Haemocytometer Fluid, — Edington recom- inonds the follow ini; tinid for use in blood counting: Xeutral sodium citrate. 7.5 graimnes: formalin (40 ]ier cent.). J.o cubic centimetres. dahli;i ( Purchase Slimfast Online t'lriibler'sL 0.03 gramme: chloroform. 5 drops: and distilled water, J50 cubic cent metres. In preparing the solution, it is 2ZG

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