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ven, Conn. : Alcohol in Disease, bv George L. Peabody, M. D. ; Wood Alcohol, by Mr. J. P. Atchinson, chemist to the New York Board of Health : Legislative Aspects of Alcohol, by the Honorable Maynard Y. Clement, New York State Deputv Commissioner of Excise ; Substitutes for Alcohol, by Charles B. Fitzpatrick, M. D. ; dis- cussion by Professor Graham Lusk, Dr. Crothers, suprax cefixime 400 mg the Honorable De Lancey Nicoll, Dr. Mason, and others. Brooklyn Branch of the Board of Health. — Health Commisisoner Darlington and Dr. T. L. Fogarty, the assistant sanitary superintendent for the borough of Brooklyn, are now actively en- suprax 100 gaged in looking for a generic suprax site suprax generation on which to build head- quarters for the board of health in that borough. When such a site is secured the board of estimate will be asked for $100,000 for the erection of a modern building. The officials have been driven to activity by the unsanitary and rundown con- dition of the quarters in Clinton Street that order suprax are February i8, 1905.] NEWS ITEMS. .U9 now used b}' the department. They were con- demned by the last grand jury. Commissioner Darlington has several sites, in mind, but it is said that he favors one that will be more cen- trally situated than the downtown section of the borough. Academy of Medicine. suprax antibiotic for children — The section in ophthal- molog}' will meet on Monday, antibiotic suprax February 20th, at 8.15 p. m. Order: Presentation of Patients; (a) Wood Solinter Ten Weeks in the Anterior Cham- ber, with Encapsulation and Accompanying Iritis, and Consequent Removal, by A. Wiener, M. D. : (b) Case of Retraction Movement of the Eyeball, by A. Schapringer, M. D. ; (c) Epithe- lioma of the Conjunctiva and Cornea, by the chair- suprax mg man. Presentation of Xe^w Instruments : ]\Iodel of a Nc.w Bifocal Glass, by George S. Dixon, M. D. Reports of Cases: A Clinical and Patho- logical Report of a Case of Annular Scleritis, by Edward suprax injections L. Oatman, M. D. Paper, The Advan- tages of Rontgen Ray Diagnosis in Ocular In- buy suprax online jures from Foreign Bodies, with Demonstration of IMethod of Localization, by William M. Sweet. M. D.. of Philadelphia ; discussion by Dr. C. T. Kipp. Dr. T. R. Pooley. Dr. E. Gruening, Dr. P. A. Callan, Dr. F. ]\I. Wilson, and others; paper. Unilateral and Other Unusual Forms of Nys- tagmus, by Alexander Duane. M. D. Wilbur B. Marple, At. D.. chairman : Herbert W. Wootton. M. D., secretary, 35 West Forty-fifth Street. The section in medicine will meet on Tuesday, February 21st, at 8.15 p. m. Order: Presentation of Cases and Specimens: Clinical. Reports: An Unusual Case of Chorea, by William B. Noyes, M. D. ; papers with discussions, (a) Contribution to the Alcohol Question, by S. T. Beebe, Ph. D. ; (b) The Treatment of Renal suprax injection Inadequacy Compli- cated by an Apparent Nephritis, by W. J. Pulley, M. D. Charles H. Lewis, M. D., chairman ; E. E. Smith. M. D., secretary, 26 East Twentv-ninth Street. The section in laryngology and rhinology will meet on Wednesday, February 22nd, at suprax 400 mg tablet 8.15 p. m. Order: Presentation of Cases; (a) Adenocarci- noma of Nose ; Radical Operation, by J. J. suprax tablets j\Ic- Coy,'M. D. ; (b) Peculiar Laryngeal Cough (bark- ■ ing) in a Young Girl, by George B. McAuliflfe, M. D. ; (c) Melanosarcoma with Local Manifes- tations in suprax 400mg the Upper Air Passages, by Wendell C. Phillips, suprax antibiotics M. D. Paper, (a) Report on the Use of Stovaine, by C. G. Coakley, M. D. Discussion of the Forms, Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treat- ment of Non-Malignant Growths of the Larynx, to be opened bv Dx. C. H. Knight, Dr. D. Bryson Delavan. Dr. suprax cefixime tablets C. C. Rice, and Dr. W. Kelly Simp- son. (Members having cases of this buy suprax class are re- quested to present them at this meeting.) Speci- mens and New Instruments : purchase suprax (a) A Chair for Rhinologists and Laryngologists ; (b) A Nasal suprax cefixime Sasptometer. by Henry Wallace, M. D. Lewis A. Coffin, M. D., chairman; Lee Alaidment Hurd. M. D., secretary, 15 East Forty-eighth Street. The section in obstetrics and gynaecology will meet on Thursday, February 23rd, at 8.15 p. m. Order: Presentation of Specimens. Paper, Is Craniotomy on the Living Child Ever Justifiable, by Simon Alarx. M. D. ; discussion will be opened

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