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in Late Childhood. Bv W. I. Bi 7 Improved Methods in the Successful Operative I'real- ment of Cleft Palate. Rv I. B. Rohert.s. «. Ol.slolric Paralysis. Bv XV. N. Bi-i.larp 9. Tarlile .\mnesia. By C. W. Birr. 10. Pifliciilties in the Di.ignosis where to buy synthroid of Brain synthroid levothyroxine .Xiiscess. By B. H. Potts. 1. Hypoparathyreosis.— Halsted gives this term to the condition in purchase synthroid which there is parli.'.l or cmnplete synthroid mcg loss 228 PITH OP CURRPNT LPPPRATURE. of parathyrodid tissue. He has studied the condition during synthroid cost fourteen months in a patient suffering from paratliyreoid destruction, and has treated it with mod- erately good results with the parathyreoids of beeves. Tetany, not infrequent after extirpation of the thyreoid gland, was. in this case, prevented by the treatment adopted. A number of reported cases have resulted fatally, and. in \erv few has there been a permanent cure. From the patient who was so carefully studied, the left lobe of the thyreoid was removed in 1904, and the right one in 1906, the endeavor being made to save the parathyreoids. Periodic explosions followed the operation, the symptoms described being numbness in the lips, then in the face, then in the arms, after which the numbness passed away. The mental anguish was intense. Dried parathyreoids in large doses were im- mediately given with very good price of synthroid result. The treatment was continued several months, and finally discontinued, the explosions disappearing, though the patient contin- ued to be an invalid with a wrecked nervous system. As the result of extensive experimentation, the author looks for successful treatment of this condition by transplantation of parathyreoids of animals into the spleen or thyreoid of human patients. 2. Pulsations in the Jugular Vein. — MacKenzie be- lieves that it is very important for the appreciation of the functional pathology of the heart to understand the meaning of the venous pulse, and he presents nu- merous diagrams and tracings illustrating its different phases. He believes that when the ventricular pulse is present the heart's contraction no longer proceeds from the normal location at the mouths of the great veins, but probably at the fibres which unite the auricle to the ventricle. Investigations are being made upon hearts from which tracings were taken during life, and it is believed that important anatomical facts will be dis- covered which synthroid buy online will justify the before mentioned belief This will cost of synthroid mean additional information concerning ob- scure cases of heart failure which are now vaguely denominated chronic myocarditis, fatty heart, mitral irregularity. The heart failure in such cases is due to arrhythmia, the heart no longer working in an orderly manner. 4. The Opsonic Index in Diabetes Mellitus. — Da Costa thinks the clinical value of the opsonin test may be considered in two distinct ways, as a diagnostic agent, and as a means of gauging the effect of the vac- purchase synthroid online cination method of treating certain infectious diseases. As a diagnostic agent, it should not be used in dia- betes, nor indeed is it necessary for this purpose. The opsonic index of synthroid tablets a diabetic order synthroid patient gives a clear idea, however, of the patient's resisting powers, of his sus- ceptibility to secondary infection, and of the gravity of the inroads made by the disease. On the other hand, the opsonin test is very useful in the diagnosis of early tuberculosis, the index to the tubercle bacillus being very low or very high, the former suggesting predis- position, the latter showing infection against which the resisting powers are raised in defense. The most practical value of the opsonin test lies in its applica- ton to the buy synthroid vaccination method of treating bacterial in- fection, both the proper dosage of the vaccine and its effect upon the patient's powers of reaction being de- termined by the behavior of the patient's opsonic index during the period of treatment. 5. Chronic Intestinal Autointoxication. — Porch - heimer discusses a large synthroid cheap inunber of cases, and thinks that a diagnosis may be reached by consideration of tlie following: i. In the gastrointestinal tract one must consider Riggs's disease, various stomach troubles, functional generic synthroid changes in the colon, synthroid online and retention of fajces. 2, In many of the cases there is an increase of indican in the urine, calcium oxalate, uric acid and urates, and red coq)uscles. In a third of the cases polyuria alter- nates with oliguria. 3. There were menstrual buy cheap synthroid order synthroid online disorders in half of the cases in synthroid price females. 4. Nervous symptoms were synthroid mg present more frequently than any other condition,

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