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moval of carbohydrates improves the general condition and also the cause of the ketonuria. 4. The ketonuria shows wide variations at different periods, even wdien diet and carbohydrate tolerance are constant, which cannot be explained, 5. Different patients, with similar tolerance, factors and the same diet, show dift'erent de- grees of ketonuria. 7. Nervous Symptoms Associated with Glycosuria. — Taylor affirms that diabetes in its origin and symp- toms is closely related to the nervous system. Neu- ralgia is one of the conditions associated with diabetes, the pain being in any of the peripheral nerves, but most purchase tenormin online frequently in the lower limbs. It may also be in the trunk, the upper limbs, and the fifth nerve area. Ataxia may alos be an associated condition. Neuritis of cen- tral origin is not infrequent. With it may be muscular wasting, changes in the electrical reaction, and inflam- mation affecting the motor neurons. Neuritis affect- ing the vasomotor filaments may tenormin atenolol be the cause of dia- betic gangrene. Spinal cord lesions, especially in the form of tabes, with sclerotic changes in the posterior columns, are of occasional occurrence. Special nerve symptoms are observed in the form of deafness with tinnitus and vertigo. There are also disturbances of the optic nerve. Of psychial symptoms there may be depression or melancholia. Diabetic coma occurs when the brain is flooded with poisoned blood. The treat- ment must be subordinated to the treatment tenormin tablet of the dia- betes, rest, opium, phenacetine, massage, electricity, etc, having their proper indications. 8. Skin Disease Associated with Diabetes. — Morris states thai these may be local affections due to the irri- tation of the sugar in the urine, or general dermatoses. The lesions are aggravated by scratching and the con- tenormin 50mg sequent invasion of various tenormin syrup organisms. The cheapest tenormin local le- sions affect the orifices of the urinary passages, tlie ex- ternal genitals, and the surrounding tissues. Erythema, fissures, and se\cre ulcerative conditions are of com- mon occurrence. The most frequent of the general skin diseases arc boils and carbuncles. Other varieties are eczema, herpes, lichen, psoriasis, urticaria, thrush, seborrhiva, acne, xanthoma, etc. As diabetes affects the nutrition the skin naturally shares in the deteriora- tion. The dry skin in this disease makes it very vul- buy cheap tenormin nerable to the attacks of microbes, while the diminished alkalinity of the blood diminishes its bactericidal power. The perspiration in the rosy type of diabetes causes sweat eruptions. The diagnosis is usually made by ex- clusion. In all c.ises of .skin disease which do not yield to treatment, the urine should be investigated. The trcatmeni should be subsidiary to the treatment of the diabetes. Prolonged alkaline baths are reconiniended, also local applications of solutions of potassium per- mangatiate or soorder tenormin online applications. ^M PROCIi/iP/NGS OF SOCIETIES. IP rotf things of S^acunt&. AMERICAN THERAPEUTIC SOCIETY. Eighth Annual Meeting, held tenormin 25 mg in Washington, on May 4, 6, and j, iQoy. {Concluded from page pj.) The President, Dr. Rohert Reyburn, of Washing- toi), in (he Ch.iir. Physiological Action, Elimination, and Therapeutic Application of Sodium Cacodylate Used Hypoder- mically.— Dr. cheap tenormin Spencer Dawes and Dr. Holmes C. Jackson, of Albany, order tenormin N. Y., spoke on this subject. Ex- travagant articles had appeared extolling the use of sodium cacodylate. Frazer, in 1903, attempted to clear up the doubt and put its use on a sound basis, but did not believe it could be used hypodermically. tenormin 25mg There was every evidence to believe that it could be injected and recovered in the excretions. The experiments were conducted on patients who were given hypoder- mic injections of 0.05 gramme for ten days, with no reaction. Regarding the amount recovered from the amount injected there was some loss, and a small amount was eliminated unchanged. Injection of 0.330 gramme of sodium cacodylate for nine days produced but lit- tle effect, and was excreted on the second day after. One gramme was given on the twelfth day and con- tinued daily. Inorganic arsenic tenormin iv could tenormin 25 be detected after the larger doses by the usual tests. tenormin online The proportions of elimination were about from 6 to 8 per cent. In the purchase tenormin liver, bone marrow, etc., on autopsy in dogs organic arsenic was deposited. Such a small percentage was found in the buy tenormin urine because a quantity was found in the fasces and was easily detected. This was only to be expected, since generic tenormin the injection of 3 grammes in dogs did buy tenormin online not produce a fatal effect. A rabbit, weighing 2,800 grammes, was given i.o gramme of the solution of sodium cacodylate at 4 p. m. ; next day it was found dead. The strong odor of garlic was noticed and in-

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